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Photographic Lighting for Advanced Shooters

Photographic Lighting for Advanced Shooters
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Lighting is an integral piece of the composition of any photo. In this course, we'll cover lighting in photography from A to Z - from working with natural light to studio lighting. If you are brand new to working with light, this course is for you!

Lighting is arguably the most important factor in what makes a good photograph. Additionally, each kind of light is different and is used in different settings. We'll discuss what kinds of light there are and how each are used, especially with different kinds of equipment and techniques.

This course is chock full of helpful resources within the lesson videos, including links to helpful third-party websites, diagrams, hands-on examples, and a final quiz.

Below is the full course index:

Section 1: Introduction - Learning from the Start

Introduction and Welcome (3:59)
What is Light? (9:11)
Angles of Light (9:20)
Understanding Polarizers (4:30)
White Balance (4:02)
Shooting During Golden Hour (1:34)
Light's Behavior Underwater (1:34)
The Quality of Light (1:14)

Section 2: Working with Light

Observing Light (4:54)
Types of Light (6:34)
Light Meters and Incident vs. Reflected Lighting (9:05)
The Box Exercise (5:30)
The Planar Lighting Technique Part 1 (8:25)
The Planar Lighting Technique Part 2 (6:32)
The Planar Lighting Technique Part 3-1 (5:42)
The Planar Lighting Technique Part 3-2 (6:08)
Studio Tour (2:49)
Studio Lighting Gear (9:23)
Setting Up Strobe Triggers (5:34)

Section 3: Getting Creative with Light

Studio Lighting Crash Course (8:09)
Four-Way Studio Lighting (3:45)
Lighting Ratios (3:02)
High Key Lighting Crash Course (12:32)
One-Strobe High Key (2:06)
Light Modifiers (7:15)
Short and Broad Lighting (7:18)
Shooting "As the Eyes See" (5:20) Shadow Play (3:18)
Complete Shade (3:08)

Section 4: Unique Lighting Challenges

Shooting Groups (9:40)
Shooting Subjects with Eyeglasses (3:52)
Product Lighting Crash Course (6:03)
Shooting Reflective Objects (7:10)
Field Example: Shooting a Jewelry Box (4:42)
Shooting Dark, Smooth, and Round Objects (9:48)
Shooting Glass on a White Background (3:47)

Photographic Lighting for Advanced Shooters

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