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Dan Cheong- Ranking Miracle 2.0 (FULL + BONUSES + VIP)

Dan Cheong- Ranking Miracle 2.0 (FULL + BONUSES + VIP)

Name Product : Dan Cheong- Ranking Miracle 2.0 (FULL + BONUSES + VIP)
Market price :$10
Author : Dan Cheong
Size: 2.30 GB
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When Ranking Miracle came out, I was really hyped up because I'm always interested in learning how to further improve my website.
And when I find out how the program can bring any website on the first page of Google, I quickly bought the program without much thought.
However after a while, I started to lose hope because what was promised on the sales video, wasn't up to my expectations.
So here's my full review on Ranking Miracle 2.0 if you're interested to know what this program is about and why I am not so keen of it.

Pros and Cons
Visuals are pretty nice.
Easily refundable as it affiliated with ClickBank
Lessons are useful for beginners.

Dan only targets beginners so that he can entice them with expensive upsells.
Low quality videos that make your eyes hurt. I can't even go full screen because the resolution is just too low!
The videos are NOT made by Dan himself. He outsourced random people to do the videos for him.
Lessons are too basic in which you can get for free elsewhere.
Some lessons focus on black hat methods such as link-building and PLR which I would totally advice against due to moral reasons.
Most of the lessons are pretty boring whereby there will only be one PowerPoint slide with the spokesperson talking non-stop on JUST that one slide.
Overly expensive one-on-one Skype call which Dan claimed to have been "reduced" to $297 especially for members. But in reality, other SEO companies will cost on average $76-$200 an hour.
You will need extra cash in hand because there is a point where you will need to outsource as part of the lessons.
Difficult to get to the members area. Unlike many programs where you can just go to the website and log-in, getting to the members' area for Ranking Miracle is a bit annoying as you have to remember the members' link. The main page is only a sales video

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