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Quantum University - Health Care Management Course

Quantum University - Health Care Management Course
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Instructor: Dr Amit Goswami
Genre: Elearning

The idea of managed health care is not new. Unfortunately, in conventional medicine, health care management is seen entirely in terms of the economics of caring for our material body.

In integrative medicine, however, we acknowledge the role of consciousness, free will, and creativity in the management of health care. As integrative medicine acknowledges both the gross material and the subtle, vital-mental-supramental trio of bodies, new vistas of preventative medicine open up. In this way, health care means caring for all these bodies, and health care management obtains new dimensions.

When these new dimensions are fully explored, new avenues become available for the treatment of chronic disease, mind-body disease, and disease related to old age in general. By focusing on "positive health", we arrive at a healthy attitude towards death; a phenomenon to which the new paradigm of medicine gives new meaning.

The economic benefits of all this are huge; namely, there is enormous cost cutting. Furthermore, under materialist allopathic medicine, the practice of medicine has become mechanical and meaningfulness has taken a back seat. With money as the motivation, the performance of medical practitioners becomes jaded. However, with meaning restored, enthusiasm returns, performance is enhanced, and health care is improved without any extra cost.

Therefore, this course will explore these ideas- new vistas of integrative medicine from a management point of view, management of the treatment of chronic disease, preventive medicine, positive health, and the economics of integrative health care.

Course Syllabus:
1. Introduction: Quantum worldview and the new dimensions of health care in integrative medicine
2. The need for managed care in integrative medicine
3. Chronic disease: why integrative medicine is the answer
4. Preventive medicine: the vital body
5. Preventive medicine: the techniques of mind-body healing
6. Creativity and quantum healing
7. Questions of nutrition
8. Practicing positive health and a healthy attitude toward death
9. The question of medical cost: how we can save with integrative medicine
10. Quantum activism and the future of medicine

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