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INE - Task Automation for Network Engineers (TCL EXPECT)
INE - Task Automation for Network Engineers (TCL EXPECT)
Size: 3.75 GB | Duration: 8h 16m | Genre: eLearning | Level: Intermediate | Language: English

This course is intended for network engineers who want to use automation to simplify and streamline management of their environment but are unfamiliar with scripting on networking platforms. The topics covered in this class can be applied across all vendors because the TCL and Expect languages are not platform-specific. Using TCL/Expect along with regular expressions, you will find that many tasks that would have previously taken hours can be done in a matter of minutes!
Course Duration: 8h 16m

Instructor: Alex Harrison
INE Instructor



Introduction to Task Automation with TCL 3 m
Total Duration: 3m

Installing TCL, Tk, and Expect


Installing TCL on Linux, Mac OSX, & ShiChuang 4 m
Total Duration: 4m

Introduction to TCL

Data Types

Data Types 5 m
Total Duration: 5m

Quotes vs Curly Braces

Quotes vs Curly Braces 8 m
Total Duration: 8m


Operators 2 m
Total Duration: 2m


Variable Substitution 6 m
Command Substitution 1 m
Backslash Substitution 7 m
Total Duration: 15m


Lists 21 m
Total Duration: 21m


Arrays 11 m
Total Duration: 11m


Syntax 10 m
Total Duration: 10m

String Manipulation

String Manipulation 8 m
Total Duration: 8m

Control Statements

Control Statements 8 m
Total Duration: 8m


Procedures 16 m
Total Duration: 16m

Command Line Arguments

Command Line Arguments 9 m
Total Duration: 9m

File Handling

File Handling 10 m
Total Duration: 10m

Introduction to Expect


Introduction to Expect 5 m
Total Duration: 5m


Expect Commands 18 m
Example :: Expect 17 m
Total Duration: 36m

More advanced expect

Advanced Expect Commands 8 m
Example :: Interact Command & Multiple Sessions 24 m
Total Duration: 33m

Regular Expressions

Introduction & Commands

Regular Expressions 11 m
Total Duration: 11m

Parts of the command

Regular Expressions :: Quotes & Curly Braces 11 m
Regular Expressions :: Switches & Metacharacters 12 m
Total Duration: 23m

Advanced Topics

Example :: Advanced Regular Expressions 23 m
Greedy & Non-Greedy Quantifiers 3 m
Example :: Greedy & Non-Greedy Quantifiers and Bounds Modifiers 19 m
Total Duration: 46m

Error Handling within Your Scripts

Creating Custom Errors

Error Handling 4 m
Example :: Generating Error Messages & Catching Error Messages 27 m
Total Duration: 31m

Using Tk to create a GUI for your scripts


Using Tk to Create a GUI 5 m
Total Duration: 5m


Tk :: Widgets 13 m
Common Options with Tk Widgets 10 m
Example :: Tk Package/ GUI Run through 13 m
Total Duration: 38m

Intermeditae TCL Scripting

Generating Configurations based on user input

Intermediate TCL Scripting 22 m
Example :: Control Linux Commands using a GUI 29 m
Example :: Drive an Expect Session using Tk & Expect 21 m
Total Duration: 1h 13m

Taking Action based on real-time output from devices

Access to Remote Server & Respond to Feedback 12 m
Example :: TCL & Expect Software Install on a Remote System 20 m
Total Duration: 32m

Using Libraries

Basics of Creating & Sourcing Libraries 4 m
Example :: Creating & using a Library 12 m
Task Automation Conclusion 3 m
Total Duration: 21m

End of Course




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