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Brian Kurtz - Titans of Direct Response(June23 Update)

Brian Kurtz - Titans of Direct Response(June23 Update)

The Titans of Direct Response

This Is Your Chance To Be A "Fly on the Wall" For This Historic Event - Today's greatest direct marketing entrepreneurs and copywriting legends came together for the FIRST and LAST time to reveal their most powerful business-building secrets.

Now you can enjoy every presentation from the comfort of your home or office - with original bonus materials totalingover 1,000 printed pages PLUS more than 8 hours of audio content, all pure direct marketing gold!

Get today's most powerful thinking from these Titans of Direct Response. Who came together for the first - and likely last - time under one roof. To share their go-to strategies for building a financially- and personally-rewarding, multi-million dollar direct response business TODAY.

Dan Kennedy

Famous for his NO B.S. books and newsletters influencing one million business owners every year. Legendary direct marketing strategist and one of the highest paid copywriters, with fees upwards from $75,000 plus royalties.

Gary Bencivenga

Hailed as "America's Best Copywriter." Only spoke publicly one time, at his own retirement seminar. Vowed never to speak again. The Titans of Direct Response is his first and only exception.

Greg Renker

Guthy|Renker co-founder. Once a DRTV pioneer, now a world-leading direct response titan, known for brands like Proactiv, Principal Secret, and Tony Robbins' Personal Power.

Jay Abraham

He's created $9.4 billion in bottom line growth for clients and has 15,000 success stories across 465 different industries. One of America's foremost business thinkers.

Ken McCarthy

The bridge between "old school" direct response and "new school" online marketing. For over 20 years, his trainings like the System Seminar have been THE top place to go to get an Internet marketing education.

Perry Marshall

The engineer-turned-marketer who "cracked the code" on Google AdWords and Facebook advertising, Perry is also the new go-to guy on applying the 80/20 Rule in sales and marketing.

Joe Sugarman

The man who sold over 20 million BluBlockers Sunglasses by mail order and that just scratches the surface. Pioneer in every selling media for over four decades.

Fred Catona

Direct response radio titan who helped grow to $20 billion valuation in 18 months. Also behind radio success of Disney Online and Free Credit, among others.

The Most Powerful Direct Response Principles, Strategies,
And Up-To-The-Minute Tactics YOU Can Use Immediately
To Sell More, Profit More, and
Build a Titan-Level Direct Response Business.
(These Lessons Apply in Any Media, in Any Market.)

If You Want To Succeed In Direct Marketing,
You Have To Do More of What Works,
And Less Of What Doesn't.

It's simple enough, but it's profound. Sure, we can test. And any direct response marketer worth their salt is an avid tester. No matter what business we're in, or what media we use.

But entire tests can be won by knowing in advance, "Do this, not that."

If you're a business owner, knowing what works leads to substantially less marketing waste, and bigger winners with your hits. With that, a business that runs better, gives you more income, and leaves you with more free time to enjoy your good fortune in whatever way you please.
If you're a marketer, this means more wins on your scorecard. Leading you to faster promotions, bigger opportunities, and the ability to write your own ticket.
And if you're a copywriter, bigger winners are your keys to the kingdom. Leading to fat royalty checks, your choice of A-list direct marketing clientele, and a reputation as a "god" of direct marketing.

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