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Designing an Image Photography Tutorial DVD by Lindsay Adler
"Designing an Image" Photography Tutorial DVD by Lindsay Adler
This 3-DVD collection will provide you insight and instruction in Lindsay Adler's method of image making from start to finish. "Concept" will teach you how to find sources of inspiration and turn those ideas into reality. "Light" will focus on high impact, low fuss light. Lindsay will cover the wide-range of incredible lighting scenarios possible with 3 (or less) strobes and 3 essentials modifiers. "Retouch" will be a step-by-step look into Lindsay's retouching process including perfecting the image and creative Photoshop effects. These DVDs are a perfect mix of inspiration and instruction for crafting an image.

The first DVD in the series talks about finding ideas, gathering a creative team, and getting started in fashion photography. You learn how to get published in fashion magazines, put together fashion editorials, and all the important terminology to know if you want to be a fashion photographer! Not interested in a fashion photography career? No problem. The DVD covers my process of idea generation and taking a concept and making it a reality. In the second DVD I share my favorite lighting scenarios that I achieve with common light modifiers and uncomplicated setups. Its high impact, but low fuss! I make it even easier by providing DETAILED lighting diagrams that answer every question you have; power settings of each light, distance to lights, height of light, camera settings and more! My final DVD covers the best and most popular of my retouching techniques. If you are a beginner in retouching, I share a lot of time-saving tools like blend modes for clone stamp, and useful plugins. If you are more advanced, learn about Frequency Separation to perfect skin while maintaining ALL detail! For me, Photoshop is the next realm of creativity and in this video I cover many of my most popular creative retouching techniques including whitening skin, displacement maps, and compositing! I've poured my mind and heart out. and I hope you enjoy it!

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