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Ripple Training Particles In Motion 5

Ripple Training Particles In Motion 5 |  567 MB

Particles in Motion 5 teaches you how to use Motion's built in particle system; a system that not not only intuitive, but can be used to create just about anything you can imagine. Particle Systems are used in motion graphics, visual effects and gaming environments to simulate smoke, fire, snow, explosions, dust and fog.

Particle systems are also used in abstract ways to create effects like glowing trails and magic pixie dust (think Tinker Bell). Used in conjunction with Behaviors, particles can be made to obey (or break) all the laws of physics with just a few mouse clicks. Motion comes with many built in particle presets, but as you'll learn in this tutorial, Motion's interface makes it easy to develop custom particle effects.

Each lesson focuses on building fundamental skills for generating, modifying and animating Particle Emitters to create amazing visual effects and motion graphics. As you work through the lessons, you'll create 7 different projects - each focusing on building different skill sets.  You'll learn how to modify preset particle emitters, create emitters from scratch; animate particles using keyframes and behaviors, attach particles to text; track particle emitters to video and work with particles in 3D space!

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