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Home Grown Food Summit 2015

Home Grown Food Summit 2015

Home Grown Food Summit 2015

The Home Grown Food Summit: 30+ Experts In Backyard Food Production

The Grow Your Own Groceries team is hosting the biggest online Summit dedicated to home grown food!

From April 6th - 12th, 2015.

This is the biggest event ever hosted online to promote backyard food production. Look who is partnering with us on this project:

- Mother Earth News
- The Natural News
- The National Gardening Association
- The Livestock Conservancy

Click here to register for the Home Grown Food Summit.

We've got an amazing line-up of the leading researchers, cutting edge homesteaders, and best-selling authors who will be sharing tips, ideas, and techniques that everyone can use to overcome the big food conglomerates' strangle hold on our dinner tables and keep our families healthy.

And now we'd like to show YOU how easy it is to get started and help yourself and your entire family experience the same benefits with this free online workshop series I'd like to invite you to right now.


Online Expedition: Instant Master Gardener - $47 Value
Watch this short, powerful series of videos and in only 10 minutes per day for a week, you will master the principles that all Master Gardeners know. This is an online expedition and once complete you'll get a special honor emblem in your profile.

- Your huge advantages over commercial growers
- 3 Rules of seed saving
- The easiest foods to grow
- How much land you need to grow all of your own food
ebook: Plant Medicine for Wound Healing - $27 Value

Covering the most important things you need to know about treating wounds without antibiotics.

- the 4 stages of wound healing
- how to recognize the difference between inflammation and infection
- external and internal herbs to use for each stage of healing
- the top most indispensable herbs for an emergency kit
Reference Chart: The Top 25 Herbs For Grid-Down or Remote Environments - $19.95 Value

Handy reference chart with photos of the herbs, preparation and use, and contra-indications. A must have for anyone who travels off the beaten path. Created by Sam Coffman, the Herbal Medic.
Bonus Presentation: How To Increase The Potency Of Backyard Medicine From Your Forest Garden - $27 Value

Sam Coffman began his medical education in the military as a U.S. Special Forces Medic (aka Green Beret medic) in 1989. Sam has 1000's of clinical hours as both a medic on teams and in military emergency rooms.

Sam founded and runs a survival and herbalism school (The Human Path) offering a variety of basic, intermediate and advanced courses focusing on practical herbalism, bio-regional herbalism, medicine making, wilderness first aid, post-disaster and remote, botanical medicine.
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