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Jay and James' Exclusive Bonus - 100k Factory

Jay and James' Exclusive Bonus - 100k Factory

What we are going to show you flat out WORKS, and you'll be walking away with a system that we AND a group of test students have used to generate hundreds of thousands of dollars online. This is without doubt the FASTEST way to make money online that we know of.

If you are a newbie, you'll get everything you need to succeed. If you are already making money, use this training to quickly create ADDITIONAL income streams.

There is nothing else you need. There are no up-sells or anything like that 100k Factory is one complete package.

The question that you are probably asking yourself right now, is this:

Just under 30 days from now, the initial training modules will be complete and you will then be able to use the 100k Launchpad software to quickly create your own '100k Factory', which will consist of four money-making sites.

You'll then instantly inject traffic into your system using our insanely effective two-pronged traffic plan, and as a result, you'll begin to generate income.

Then, the first goal - a minimum of $67 per day NET PROFIT from each website should hopefully be reached around 60 days from now. If you've followed the blueprint, you'll have a lucrative network of 4 websites which should be earning you $8,000 per month (a whisker under $100,000/year).

At this point you'll have ownership of REAL website assets worth $50,000 to $100,000 if you were to sell them on (these types of sites are very sought after and can be sold on quickly).

Of course, you are going to need to do some work to get the above results... But like we say, if you follow our instructions to the letter just like our test students have done, the reality is that:

..and here are 6 very good reasons why you can get there FAST:

1: You won't need to deal with suppliers or spend a fortune in inventory.

2: You won't need to create any products.

3: You don't need any web design skills or technical knowledge.

4: You don't need to do any customer support.

5: You don't need any previous experience.

6: You can easily do this part time if you currently have a day job.

In other words, there are NO roadblocks or barriers to entry --- None. Whatsoever.

Everyone can get to this initial $67/day goal for each website, and by default, $8,000/month (and we are going to push you hard to get there!)... then it is just a question of expanding your empire and quickly increasing your monthly income.
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