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Bitfountain - The Mini iOS 8 Course with Swift [53 mp4]
Bitfountain - The Mini iOS 8 Course with Swift [53 mp4]
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iOS 8 has brought upon many new libraries to develop with, and even a new language - Swift! No longer to iOS developers need to deal with the bulky syntax of Objective-C. Swift is fast, clean, and built for the future.
The Bitfountain iOS introduction course takes you through the process of create your first iOS 8 apps in Xcode 6 with the Swift language. You will download Xcode, set up and customize views graphically, and learn the basics of Swift. By the end you will have built a simple adventure game called Age of Laika.
iOS 8 with Swift Intro Course
Bitfountain's Mini iOS 8 course. Learn to create your first iOS 8 app with Swift!

If you want to dive deeper, go from beginner to junior coder with our Complete iOS 8 Course with Swift, which expands this mini course with over 300 video lectures with step-by-step process of creating applications such as an Instagram® Clone, a Tinder clone, and an app that takes advantage of HealthKit® (plus many more).

Topics Covered in this introductory course:

Introduction to Apple UX guidelines
Swift: Introduction to the Swift language used to develop all native iOS and Mac apps
The basics of the the latest technology platforms from Apple
Download Xcode
Build an adventure game
So much more!

Class Curriculum

Start Course Introduction (6:01)
Start Course Resources (2:49)
Our First Project!!!
Start Downloading Xcode (1:41)
Start Opening XCode and Creating our First Project (7:58)
Start A Brief Tour of Xcode (10:25)
Start Exploring Storyboard (9:13)
Start Setting up a New View (6:01)
Start Adding a NavigationController (4:55)
Start Adding a Title and Another Image (4:52)
Start Adding TextFields (3:30)
Start Adding a Button and a Label (3:13)
IBOutlets and Connections
Start Hooking up our View Objects (14:12)
Start Debugging Connection Errors (5:52)
Start Unhiding our Label (5:26)
Accessing Views in Code
Start Changing a Label's Text in Code (5:00)
Start Changing a TextField's Text in Code (1:36)
Start Moving our Label and Closing the Keyboard (4:38)
Start Multi Line Label (1:56)
Start Changing a Label's Color in Code (3:21)
Start Let's Update our Button (4:26)
Working with GitHub
Start Terminal (10:07)
Start Creating a Project on Github (2:26)
Start Saving our Project to Github (6:42)
Start Adding an Additional Commit (3:16)
Start Downloading and Opening a Project from Github (2:06)
First Challenge!
Start Challenge 1: Practicing with the Storyboard (2:25)
Start Challenge 1: Practicing with the Storyboard Solution (4:59)
Second Challenge!!
Start Challenge 2: Save your Changes to Github (0:48)
Start Challenge 2: Save your Changes to Github Solution (1:49)
Variable Types and Commenting
Start What is a Variable (6:23)
Start Type Annotations (3:42)
Start Intro to Commenting (4:43)
Operations on Variables
Start Operations on Variables Ints (3:08)
Start Operations on Variables Floats (5:15)
Start Valid Variable Names (3:05)
Start Typealias (2:49)
Start Numeric Literals (1:46)
Start Strings and Characters (5:28)
Start String Interpolation (1:53)
Start Optionals Int (4:32)
Start Shorthand (2:01)
Start Constants (2:43)
Start String to Double (4:29)
Shoe Size Converter Project
Start Shoe Size Converter (12:24)
Start Refactor Shoe Converter (3:23)
Start Adding Women's Shoes (7:03)
Age of Laika
Start Age of Laika (1:14)
Start Age of Laika: Solution Part 1 (5:39)
Start Age of Laika: Solution Part 2 (3:07)

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