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FXPHD - HOU213: Creating Dynamic Destruction FX in Houdini, Maya, & Nuke
FXPHD – HOU213: Creating Dynamic Destruction FX in Houdini, Maya, & Nuke
10 Classes | Liam Whitehouse | 8.73GB

Maya, Houdini and Nuke will be used in this course to demonstrate the simulation of rigid body debris, particle fx and fluid effects.
In this course we will learn how to Simulate all the hero elements of a large scale destruction shot including, smashing glass, falling paper, tumbling furniture, dust

explosions using fluids, dust trails off concrete debris using fluids and how to bake and compile all the simulations together in Nuke. This course will be focusing on

the FX Simulation and not on the photorealistic lighting in Renderman or Arnold or the compositing of additional live action elements over the 3D renders.
For any FX TD, this course will be fantastic for learning how to destroy buildings in CGI. Action movies today feature increasingly complex rigid body simulations and

destruction fx so this course will equip you to face the most detailed and intricate large scale simulations. This course will require a fairly advanced knowledge of

3D Modeling, Animation and FX in Maya/Houdini as well as an understanding of file naming, memory and disk usage for large scale FX.
The course is taught by Liam Whitehouse who has been in the 3D and visual effects industry since 2003, graduating from Griffith University with a degree in Industrial

Design. Liam has been recently teaching VFX at Griffith University Film School, and Nuke at Queensland College of Art in Brisbane Queensland.


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