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[TekPub] Mastering C# 4.0
[TekPub] Mastering C# 4.0
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If you're just learning WeiRuan-->WeiRuan's flagship language - or if you've been at it for years - this production will teach you a lot. Jon Skeet is well-known as the "Chuck Norris" of with inhuman skills when it comes to answering questions about C # 4.0. Tap his brain and learn the language like never before with our all-new series. About the Author : Jon Skeet is considered a "super guru" C #. We say that C # developers consult with him before turning on any new feature to the language. He is the author of the excellent book " C # in Depth . ", a detailed account of all the new language C #, starting with version 2.0.

A top-to-bottom look at C# from the master himself: Jon Skeet.

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1 - What's New With 4.0?
In this Episode we'll Take a Quick Tour of all the new goodies in C # 4.0 - Showing you Why you Should care about this Latest rev of the language. This is a summary episode only - we'll dive deep into each topic later on.

2 - Basics: The Coding Environment In this Episode Jon Gives you a Quick Tour of Visual Studio 2010 - the place where you'll write your code most often . This is a beginner episode, for those who have not worked with Visual Studio before.

3 - Basics: Writing Your First Class In this Episode Jon starts from the Ground up - writing a C # class and then Testing with NUnit IT. Along the way he'll talk about various details related to classes and things to look out for. Even if you're a seasoned C # developer - going over the basics never hurts - and Jon might drop some pearls of wisdom along the way!

4 - Basics: Methods, Constructors, and Exceptions In this Episode Jon Covers the actions and behaviours That you can program for a C # Class. This is a beginner's episode, but there is plenty in here for seasoned developers as well.
5 - Basics: Class Properties and Structure In this Episode Jon Shows you How to work with Property assignments in C # and How you CAN set Them up to Convey Specific behaviour of your class. This is a beginner's episode - but there's a lot in here that would make for a good review for any C # developer.

6 - Basics: Integers and Operators In this Episode Jon Talks about integers and the Different "shades of int" you Find in C # 4.0. He also talks about reference vs. value types, and various operators you can use when doing some math in C #.

7 - Decimals and Floating Points In this Episode Jon walks through the Various issues you encounter Might When Dealing with decimals and floating-Point numbers. It's not straightforward in C #, and Jon gives you practical advice on when and how to use the various types in C #.

8 - Strings: Equality, Interning, and Concatenation In this Episode (the first of a Small series on Strings) Jon Takes a look at the beloved, intense, misunderstood and vast System.String class. He'll walk you through Equality - how to tell if a string truly equals another, Interning and if you should care about it, and Concatenation: when do you need a StringBuilder?

9 - String Manipulation In this Episode Jon Shows you How to manipulate strings using Substring, IndexOf and Split.

10 - Regular Expressions In this Episode Jon walks you through three scenarios where Regular Expressions can help - and also hurt. Simple string replacement and matching, as well as a more complicated example of log parsing.

11 - Encoding In this Episode Jon Shows you the Various Ways That C # represents strings and How you CAN manipulate encodings.

12 - Cultures In this Ever-SO-Brief episode Jon shares his experience with "The Turkey Test" - and ways to deal with Cultures and strings. It's short, but it's very valuable.

13 - Dates and Time In this Episode Jon DIVES Deep INTO Timespan and DateTime - and How the. NET framework designers Dealt with the interesting Ways That humans Deal with time.

14 - Conditions and Loops In this Episode Jon dives into controlling the flow of execution in your application using structures such as if / else, for, while, and break / continue.

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