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Ed Dale - 30 Day Challenge [2014 edition]
Ed Dale - 30 Day Challenge [2014 edition]| 3.67 GB
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In following through on a bet that he could teach anyone to create a revenue producing Internet business within 30 days, Ed Dale founded 30DC in 2005 by starting with the Challenge (formerly known as the 30-Day Challenge) - a free module-based training program designed for individuals to learn about Internet Marketing at their own pace. The development and success of this program serves as a gateway to 30DC products, and continues to position the company for potential future growth. To date the education program has schooled more than 190,000 individuals, and currently has approximately 100,000 active online members.
As the Internet continues to rapidly expand from a proliferation of user generated content, consumers are overwhelmed with information - data, advertisements, video, social media. 30DC is committed to helping our clients get found through this wave of confusion to achieve market leadership and influence, generate more leads, and ultimately - increased sales of digital information products and services.

30DC started the Challenge Internet Marketing training program in 2005, as a response to an unmet need to provide guidance for people seeking to establish business opportunities online.

Since inception, 190,000 clients have taken the step to earn their first dollar on the Internet, by going through the Challenge. Management believes this training has helped many businesses successfully launch and grow, including MagCast, which became part of 30DC.

30DC continues to develop new material, programs, and courses, inspiring insight and analysis into recent Web and mobile trends- Management strives to help its product user's first understanding what the current digital marketing trends are and to then act on what ideas and adaptations were needed to keep pace.

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