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Adam Eason - The Science of Self-Hypnosis

Adam Eason - The Science of Self-Hypnosis


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Each section has a range of specific techniques as well as a thorough review of evidence and literature supporting the applications. We focus on these areas, but the techniques can often be applied to a wider range of applications and other issues too; all such applications are explained within the programme. To give you some sort of an idea, here is a list of some of the key features from the tracks of the second part of this programme:

1. Introduction To Science Of Self-Hypnosis Part 2
2. Psychosomatic Technique
3. Hypnotic Relaxation
4. Hypnotic Progressive Relaxation
5. Mental Imagery Process
6. Restoration
7. Relaxing The Mind
8. Anxiety
9. Systematic Desensitisation
10. Controlling Thoughts
11. Thinking Errors
12. Positive Thoughts
13. Coping To Mastery
14. Using The Worst Case Scenario
15. Mood Elavation
16. Positive Expectation
17. Building Internal Encouragement
18. Enhancing Mood
19. Perceiving
20. First Aid For A Bad Mood
21. Lift The Fog
22. Sleep Patterns
23. Quieten The Mind
24. Association
25. Boredom
26. Getting Back To Sleep
27. Overcoming And Reducing Pain
28. Controlling Pain
29. Creating Numbness And Anaesthesia
30. Block Pain Messages
31. The Well-Being Tablet
32. Unwanted Habits
33. Classic Habit Reversal Process
34. Aversive Strategy
35. Dealing With Cravings
36. Specific Issues
37. High Blood Pressure
38. Let Go Of Anger
39. Generic Healing
40. Enlivening The Senses
41. Conclusion

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