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Drawing on three decades of scientific research, INSTANT INFLUENCE shows you how to motivate others to make changes both great and small in 7 minutes or less. Listeners will learn how to apply Dr. Pantalon's method in every area of life, how to hang in there when meeting resistance, and how to find even the tiniest spark of "yes" within an answer that sounds like "no." INSTANT INFLUENCE will show you how to get people to tap into their own deeply personal reasons for wanting to change.

About the Author
Michael V. Pantalon, Ph.D. is a motivational coach, consultant, therapist, and award-winning faculty member at Yale University School of Medicine. He has published numerous articles in publications such as the New England Journal of Medicine and the Journal of the American Medical Association, among others, and has presented his work at national and international conferences. Dr. Pantalon lives in Hamden, Connecticut, with his wife, Marianne, and their sons.

The 6-step system of questions seems a bit simple on the surface, but as you read (or as I did, listen to the audio version) you soon discover that each step is embedded in a firm foundation of research. In short, each step is strategically ordered to produce change fast.

Probably the biggest question of potential readers is, "Does the system actually work? Does it produce rapid change in people?" My answer is unequivocally yes. How do I know? Because I have used even parts of this system with great results. I was fascinated with how closely some of the content matched strategies that I was already using with success. These same techniques even worked with adults in recovery and prison reentry, so I'm sold that they can be effectively applied to nearly anyone, anywhere.

One of the things I loved about the book is that it broke down each "step" of the system, explained it, gave lots of practical examples, and emphasized autonomy (personal freedom and choice) over a "control, threat" approach. Although there are certainly other influence tactics that work just as well, or even better, this system is a simple, straightforward approach to changing minds, even your own!

It seems simple until you use it on others and yourself. Then, you get to witness first hand the power of helping others rearrange their thoughts and motivations to powerfully transform their actions. In my experience, these small "conversations" can bring about a lifetime of satisfaction if used ethically and with the greater good in mind. As with all influence literature, these techniques can be used for good or evil, and as I went through the book, I kept thinking about ways someone might be able to manipulate others with the material. It is possible, so beware: others might use these techniques on you without your awareness. Their simplicity gives them subtle power to slid under your mental radar. Read the book if only to prepare yourself against unwanted persuasion by friends, family, bosses, and others.

The six steps (questions) of the system:

1. Ask, "Why would you change?"
2. Ask, "On a scale from 1 to 10, how ready are you to change?"
3. Ask "Why didn't you choose a LOWER number?"
4. Ask, "When you picture the change already having occurred, what do you see?"
5. Ask, "Why is that important to you?"
6. Ask, "What is the next step, if any?"

I hesitated in sharing the 6 steps because I fear some readers might balk at such simple questions, saying there is no way such questions could produce change so quickly. In response, I would agree that they seem simplistic, and that is what gives them their power. I should also note that the approach, tone, body language of the influencer (the one asking the questions) matters immensely, too. Done correctly, this system can really work wonders in your life both personally and professionally. I highly recommend it.

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