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Foundations of Inner Game I: The Power of Presence

Foundations of Inner Game I: The Power of Presence


Whether it's approach anxiety, 'let's just be friends', dull/unrewarding dates, lot's of friction/drama in your relationships…wherever you're blocked, there's something going on for you that you're not fully aware of…yet… And these 'internal shifts' are the key piece here…oftentimes they are so basic, they're initially mysterious to men I've worked with over the years (including myself, not that many years ago!).

Yet invariably, on the other side of these shifts the mystery is replaced by a down-to-earth, 'Oh yeah!' type of lightbulb going off.

I guarantee your relating with women will naturally deepen after one of these moments.

Now…this may sound overly-significant or heavy to a few of you, yet I'm constantly surprised by how many men intuitively know that their passionate study of man/woman dynamics goes way beyond how to get laid more…that it strikes at something deep in their relationship to themselves.

This experiential, interactive 3-DVD set covers THE FIRST and most important piece of solid Inner Game: Presence.
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