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Scott Sonnon - TACFIT 26
Scott Sonnon - TACFIT 26
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Scott Sonnons new-and-improved TACFIT 26 program is a comprehensive, plug-and-play tactical fitness program that will help you develop a high standard of fitness by burning stubborn fat, building functional muscle, injury-proofing your body, and improving your conditioning level using a variety of movement-based exercise and conditioning skills via several unique training protocols that were specifically created to address the tactical needs of various service personnel and military operators.
You know, I have been planning to write up a lengthy, comprehensive, perhaps even gushy TACFIT 26 review for the last week or so, but I just havent pulled the trigger yet. I was sent an advanced copy a couple of weeks ago, and have been looking over it little by little ever since. Ive got some notes scribbled down on a few sheets of paper, but thats about it.

But if you know me, then you know Ive been a fan of Scott Sonnons work for a long time now and a new product release isnt entirely new to me. I actually first started following his work and training with some of his programs back in 2006, if you can believe it. How time flies. And ever since then, Ive seen an evolution taking place in his various product releases, many of which Ive reviewed here (including several of his TACFIT programs). In essence, Scotts products keep getting better and better, and theres a lot to love about them.

And TACFIT 26 is no different. From everything Ive seen, this is another excellent product one of Scotts best. And given that this is the new generation of the original TACFIT 26 Big Box program, its only gotten better in the 2.0 edition. Now, I never actually reviewed the original TACFIT program just never got around to it. So, I cant really compare this new version to the former. But what I can do is look at this product with a fresh perspective knowing what I know about RMAX, and their CST and TACFIT systems. And I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt that this is a superb fitness and conditioning program that would appeal to a lot of different people.

If you like any of Scotts work, then its a no-brainer. You will absolutely love the TACFIT 26 program. Get it while the sale is happening, and get it if you miss out on the sale. And if you dont know anything about Scott, or even if you dont like him, give TACFIT 26 some mindful consideration. Seriously, what we have in TACFIT 26 is a glimpse into the future of tactical fitness (ie precision fitness). Its action-oriented, user-friendly, comprehensive, and systematic and yet, it allows for individual customization on a needs-based basis.

There is much I could say about it. And if and when I get around to writing up a more in-depth, dare I say, comprehensive product review, I will cover all of the pertinent details.

But for now, all that must wait. Because the product is live, and youre waiting for an unbiased and honest review from someone you can trust and I hope Ive earned that over the years. And as I write this, my beautiful wife is waiting for me after a long day with the kids, and Ive promised her an evening together just us. And Ive got 17 of the 30 minutes Ive allotted to myself kitchen timer below my computer monitor to give you my quick thoughts on this incredible program.

So, enough with the blabbing. Lets cut right to the chase.

If youre reading this, and are at least remotely interested in the TACFIT 26 program, then chances are good that Id recommend you pick up a copy. Ive got all sorts of reasons for that, but the big one is that hes offering it for a mere $99 (launch sale price reduced from $149). And that, my friend, is a steal in every sense of the word. Seriously. Not only will you be getting the entire TACFIT 26 program, encompassing 108 workouts that can and will keep you busy for years if you so choose, but youll also receive two other programs as well (a bodyweight training program and a kettlebell training program). So, for the price of a couple personal training sessions, youll receive three of Scotts products two of them being among what I consider Scotts best work to date. And as you may already know, Scott is known for over-delivering, and you can expect even more additional bonuses, too. Yeah, hes a nice guy and all that.

Scott Sonnon - TACFIT 26
Scott Sonnon - TACFIT 26
Scott Sonnon - TACFIT 26

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