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Ryan Deiss - The Machine - Module 1:4[UL, FO, UD]

Ryan Deiss - The Machine - Module 1:4

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The Machine” by Ryan Deiss is simply about making money from your email list
Course Outline:

1. Introduction & Overview

2. Module 1 - Core Strategies

3. Module 2 - Indoctrination

4. Module 3 - Engagement

5. Module 4 - Segmentation

In a nutshell this is how The Machine works.

Step 1. You have to introduce yourself. Not just blast out offers. INDOCTRINATE
Step 2. Engage your list and get them to purchase. ENGAGE
Step 3. By following up with a well planned sequence you can get them to buy more. ASCEND
Step 4. Through a carefully crafted question or optin sequence you know what they WANT to buy. SEGMENT
Step 5. After someone has bought all they are going to at that time, or someone who hasn’t responded to your emails for awhile, you want a way to bring them back. REENGAGE/WIN BACK

If you aren’t using all five stages of the series you are making a big mistake that is costing you money.

After you have gotten a good grasp on how these stages work you will know where to put individual marketing email series that will create a new income stream. You don’t always have to start at the beginning. It might be doing an Ascension Series is what will do the trick.

An important point to note however, your list has to initially be through the steps in order. For example they need to be indoctrinated before they will really be engaged enough to ascend and on it goes.

By following The Machine system you will be truly putting a purpose to your emailing sequence so you can move your customers to where they really are and prime them for the next buying steps. This way they will be more receptive and more responsive to “buy now” offers.

Ryan Deiss - The Machine - Module 1:4[UL, FO, UD]

Ryan Deiss - The Machine - Module 1:4[UL, FO, UD]

Ryan Deiss - The Machine - Module 1:4[UL, FO, UD]



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