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CG Society : Fluid Effects Using Houdini 13
CG Society - Fluid Effects Using Houdini 13 | 11.79 GB
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Week 7 lesson missing
Spencer Lueders returns with his new, content packed Houdini course. This CGWorkshop will take you to the next
level using Houdini to simulate fluids, fire and smoke and will teach you the secondary elements required to
produce high quality, dynamic simulations.
Starting with the basics of voxels you will learn about smoke solvers, micro solvers and the Pyro Solver. You
will then move on to gain a firm understanding of the Houdini FLIP Solver, particle manipulation and
heuristics while working on your own simulation projects.

This course will fill quickly as it is the perfect next-step for the many students who have worked with
Spencer on any of his previous, highly successful CGWorkshops

Week 1: Voxel Sounds Like A City In Europe - The Anatomy of a Voxel
Week 2: Where There’s Smoke¨ There’s… - Smoke Solver and Microsolvers
Week 3: Fire! - The Pyro Solver and SOP Solver
Week 4: Is It Me Or Are Particles Still Lazy? - Using Voxel Fields To Manipulate Particles
Week 5: Stuff Which Pertains To Everyday Life - FLIP Fluids
Week 6: More Froth Always Sells A Shot - Generating Secondary Elements
Week 7: You Can Talk The Talk But What About Walking - Simulation Workflows <- Missing
Week 8: CGI Always Looks Plastic - Rendering Fire and Fluids

CG Society : Fluid Effects Using Houdini 13

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