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Tutsplus - PHP Object-Oriented Programming Fundamentals

Tutsplus - PHP Object-Oriented Programming Fundamentals
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We've received a number of requests from experienced PHP developers looking to take their skills to the next level with object-oriented programming, and this course is our reply. You'll learn the basics of object-oriented PHP, including classes and objects right through to inheritance, interfaces and dependency injection.

Welcome 1m 14s
Welcome 1m 14s

The Absolute Basics of OOP 24m 50s
What Is OOP? 5m 20s
Classes vs Objects 6m 24s
Class Constants and Internal Reference 4m 38s
Public vs Private Scope 6m 12s
Copying vs Cloning Objects 2m 16s

Digging a Little Deeper Into OOP 33m 56s
The Single Responsibility Principle 15m 18s
Autoloading Through SPL 4m 14s
Working With Namespaces 5m 28s
Autoloading With PSR-0 8m 56s

OOP inheritance 13m 4s
Class Inheritance And Protected Scope 9m 44s
Overriding Parent Methods 3m 20s

OOP Abstractions 1h 4m 12s
Abstract Classes 6m 58s
Interfaces 15m 46s
Static Properties And Methods 7m 38s
Traits 15m 28s
Dependency Injection 18m 22s

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Tutsplus - PHP Object-Oriented Programming Fundamentals

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