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The Complete UFC FIT Program : 12 DVD and Manual Set
The Complete UFC FIT Program : 12 DVD and Manual Set | 4.86 GB

Description : Battle of the battle there , at work or outside of it. UFC Fit program is made to suit your everyday needs as a fighter. It helps you to be always ready for battle , using the same methods as the fighters " Octagon " in preparation for a real fight . All the exercises that perform the best athletes in their training in gyms , are now available for you. They have been adapted to perform at home without losing combat effect . You will be working with world-renowned trainer Mike Dolce.
Program UFC Fit - one of a kind . It implies that you systematically master training system , which is usually followed by professional athletes . The program is designed so that you get rid of excess weight , build muscle , improve the level of functional strength in general, and in the end will get an excellent physical shape . UFC Fit program is highly respected in the industry of fitness Mike Dolce - is an expert in their field, who has coached a number of famous athletes. Follow the program and you will get the opportunity to train as a real fighter !

The Complete UFC FIT Program includes:
12 workout DVDs
12-week workout
132-page lifestyle & nutrition manual
Ab Assassin
Shark Attack

3-day Shred weight loss programOur lives have become quite hectic and stressful taking a toll on your bodies. At the same time you have to bring your best game to work or every aspect of your life every day. How do you manage to put your best foot forward and wake up feeling motivated and charged up? UFC Fit claims to offer you the way forward so that you are energized and feeling your best. UFC Fit is said to consist of fast paced, action packed high intensity workouts that imitate the pace of UFC competition with movements that are used in Octagon.
Train like athletes
Some of the fittest athletes in the world dont train like amateurs and theres no reason you should either. UFC Fit has been created with the intention of helping you take your work out to a whole new level altogether. It claims to help you lose weight and gain muscle so that there is an amazing transformation in your body that will make you feel proud. The good thing about UFC Fit is said to be the fact that you dont need to be an athlete or in any kind of shape to get started.
UFC Fit has been designed keeping your everyday needs in mind according to its claims. Your battles remain the same, whether you have to do them at work or in your personal life. But UFC Fit helps you get battle ready so to speak using the same methods that have been used by athletes to prepare for their bouts in the Octagon. These exercises are followed by the best athletes in the gym and now they have been made accessible to you. UFC Fit exercises can be easily done at home to ensure that you are battle ready every day.
Work with a world renowned coach
UFC Fit is the only UFC-developed training program that is meant to guide you through a workout routine that is usually followed by professional athletes. The program has been designed so that you can lose weight, gain muscle and also improve your overall strength so that you are in the best shape possible according to its claims. UFC Fit also brings the expertise of renowned coach Mike Dolce, a name to reckon with in the fitness industry and that has made a difference to several athletes. And UFC Fit offers you an opportunity to make the most out of his training.
World renowned coach Mike Dolce has brought about a major transformation in his own body and thereby understands what many users are looking for as well. Its one of the reasons why UFC Fit is said to have benefits for all users. All the principles followed in the UFC Fit program have been designed by Mike Dolce and they have been known to have their merits for successful athletes all over the world. UFC Fit claims to help people lead the lives they deserve by bringing about a massive change in their lifestyles.
Mike Dolce, UFC Fit coach endeavours to help you get lean, confident and overall healthy so that you feel your best every single day. Thats the motto that is carried forward through these workouts and thats the reason, UFC Fit is meant to have a cutting edge advantage over other workout programs you can find out there.
Easy to follow and never gets boring
While there are several workout programs that offer you great results, they are difficult to keep up with. But in spite of being a high intensity workout followed by professional athletes, UFC Fit has exercises that you can get a hang of sooner rather than later. Mike Dolces training methods come to the fore as things are simplified in the UFC Fit program for the convenience of users. Importantly UFC Fit claims to offer you a way to carry out several different exercises, thus things never really get boring and you can have a lot of fun with your workout too.
The biggest promise from UFC Fit is probably the fact that you should be able to see amazing results in just about 12 weeks by working out in your own home. Not many workout programs out there can claim such results and follow them through. But UFC Fit has shown that users can lose substantial amounts of weight while they gain muscle as well and improve their overall strength. And all this is supposed to be possible in a matter of 12 weeks by taking the workout routine to a highly intense level.

Year: 2013
Country : United States
Genre: fitness , physical fitness
Language: English
Translation: None
Duration: 7:04:12
Quality: DVDRip
Format: AVI
Video : 720x400 (1.80:1), 23.976 fps, XviD build 65 ~ 1399 kbps avg, 0.20 bit / pixel
Audio: 48 kHz, MPEG Layer 3, 2 ch, ~ 128.00 kbps
The Complete UFC FIT Program : 12 DVD and Manual Set

The Complete UFC FIT Program : 12 DVD and Manual Set

The Complete UFC FIT Program : 12 DVD and Manual Set

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