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Data Center Infrastructure Management Part 1
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If you or your team is involved in data center technology, whether it is in a sales, support or operations capacity, it is important to have a good understanding of the overall data center and the issues facing data center managers on a daily basis. The Data Center Infrastructure Management course series is a great way to quickly learn the ins and outs of data centers. It is geared for everyone from the data center novice to the most experienced IT and facilities technicians and managers. The Data Center Infrastructure courses cover the primary resources in the data center - space, power and cooling.

Students who have taken this course are the proof of the effectiveness. A significant number of people who have taken this course had the course recommended to them by a previous student, a testament to the value of the information they learned during the course. Here what students are saying about the course below.

Course recommendations:

"Excellent knowledge - the instructor tied just about every subject to an illustrative real-world situation he had encountered."
"Wanted to say a big thank you for the course this week. It will truly help me at my job going forward."
"Superb! Where there are a lot of courses and trainings on data center maintenance and operations, it's much harder to find something related directly to data center and IT infrastructure management. This is very important to support DCIM concept today - not only with tools, including software and hardware solutions, but also with dedicated trainings."
"Great job Dave, the industry needs more training like this in order for DCIM to rise to its full potential as a must have operational imperative."

Once you have completed Data Center Infrastructure Management Part 1 the next course in this series is Data Center Infrastructure Management Part 2. The Data Center Infrastructure Management Part 2 course will enhance your skills further by discussing data center industry topics such as energy efficiency, floor plans, data center management tools and IT service management. Click here to learn more about Data Center Infrastructure Management Part 2.

As a result of taking this course, you will be able to:
* Describe power and cooling infrastructure in the data center
* Understand the cost drivers when building a data center
* Understand the primary power problems in the data center and how to address them
* Describe the different UPS topologies and how a UPS works
* Understand how power is distributed in the data center
* Calculate how much power is required in the data center
* Develop a plan for implementing data center physical security
* Understand the refrigeration cycle and how cooling is implemented in the data center
* Understand the importance of air distribution and its impact on cooling
* Develop a plan for improving cooling efficiency in the data center

Module 00: Course Introduction

Module 01: Overview of Data Centers Part 1
* What is a data center?
* Current trends shaping data center design
* Data Center Tiers

Module 02: Overview of Data Centers Part 2
* Data center cost drivers
* Virtualization
* Cloud computing
* Containerized data centers
* Quiz

Module 03: Fundamentals of Power
* Power basics and key terms
* Power calculations
* Grounding

Module 04: Power Problems
* Power problems
* Power protection system equipment

Module 05: Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)
* UPS basics
* UPS topologies
* UPS redundancy and efficiency
* Modular UPS

Module 06: UPS Batteries
* UPS batteries
* Flywheel UPS
* Quiz

Module 07: Generators and Other Power Devices
* Generators
* Automatic and static transfer switches
* Power distribution units

Module 08: Circuit breakers
* Circuit Breakers
* Circuit Breaker Coordination
* Circuit Breaker Protection
* Circuit Breaker Sizing

Module 09: Power Distribution in the Rack
* Rack power redundancy
* Server power calculations
* Power cabling

Module 10: Power Calculations
* Calculating power requirements
* Power consumption in the data center

Module 11: Reducing Wasted Power in the Data Center
* Reducing "wasted power"
* Reducing server power
* Quiz

Module 12: Data Center Physical Security Part 1
* What is physical security
* Perimeter protection
* Security cameras
* Door controls
* Identification methods and devices

Module 13: Data Center Physical Security Part 2
* Designing for physical security
* Defining the problem
* Applying the technology
* Quiz

Module 14: Data Center Cooling Strategies
* Comfort versus precision cooling
* Data center cooling issues
* Cooling calculations

Module 15: The Refrigeration Cycle
* The refrigeration cycle
* Cooling devices in the data center

Module 16: Humidity in the Data Center
* Importance of humidity
* Relationship between temperature and humidity
* Humidity control and demand fighting

Module 17: Cooling Systems
* Temperature measurement
* Types of cooling devices

Module 18: Air Distribution in the Data Center
* Importance of air distribution in heat transfer
* Air distribution schemes

Module 19: Computational fluid dynamics (CFD)
* CFD analysis
* Quiz

Module 20: Data Center Cooling Best Practices Part 1
* Calculating cooling requirements
* High density cooling problem

Module 21: Data Center Cooling Best Practices Part 2
* Reducing hot air/cool air mixing
* Hot aisle/cold aisle containment

Module 22: Data Center Cooling Strategies
* Room, row and rack-based cooling
* Cooling wiring closets

Module 23: High Density Cooling
* High density zones
* Raising the data center temperature
* Free cooling using economizers
* Quiz



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