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NPTEL IIT - Ayurveda - Ayurvedic Inheritance of India [21 flv]

NPTEL IIT ?Ayurveda ?Ayurvedic Inheritance of India [21 flv]
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Ayurveda is widely used and millions, especially in rural India, depend on it for their health care needs. Ayurvedic colleges graduate over 20,000 physicians a year and Ayurvedic industry produces over Rs. 6000 crores worth of herbal products a year. Ayurveda has won the recognition of the WHO and the developed countries as Complementary and Alternative Medicine , which is taught as an Introductory course in Western medical schools.

Tracing its roots to Atharvaveda, Ayurvedic medicine was practised in Buddha s period though the term Ayurveda was not used in Vedic or Buddhist texts. Buddha s famous physician Jivaka was trained in Taksasila which was then a reputed Centre for medical studies. The knowledge of the practice of medicine in Buddha s period is sketchy but there is enough to show the major shifts it made from the Vedic practice of medicine. The systematization of Ayurveda took place when the three texts known after Charaka, Susruta and Vagbhata were redacted in the present form from 1st to 6th centuries.
Apart from a historical introduction, the course presents a fairly comprehensive view of the basic concepts and procedures and the new trends in scientific research in Ayurveda for the students of medicine, Ayurveda, and biological and social sciences.


Roots of Ayurveda
Traditional medicine in Buddhist India
Period of Systematization
Philosophical Ideas in Ayurveda
Human Body in Health
Human Body in Disease
Food and Drinks
Code for Healthy Living
Diagnosis and Prognosis
Medical Treatment
Materia Medica
Surgical Treatment
Surgical Instruments
Treatment of Fractures; some surgical procedures
Principles and methods of rejuvenation; enhancement of sexual potency and fertility.
Selection of students: oath at initiation; process of training
A Science Initiative in Ayurveda (ASIIA).
Biological effects of Amalaki Rasayana in two models: Rats : Drosophila Melanogaster.
Physico-Chemical characterisation of Rasasindur.
An Ayurvedic view of Life

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