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Adam Steer (RMAX-CST) - Bodyweight Blueprint for Fat Loss
Adam Steer (RMAX-CST) - Bodyweight Blueprint for Fat Loss [4 PDFs, 5 MOVs, 6 MP4s, 4 MP3s]
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There?ˆ™s A ?ˆ?Secret?ˆ? The Fitness Industry Is Keeping From You?ˆ¦
The TRUTH Is, Using The Bodyweight-Only Methods You?ˆ™ll Discover On This Page, You?ˆ™ll Permanently Shrink Your Fat Zones And Tone Your Whole Body Without EVER Paying A Dime On Expensive Gym Memberships!

The Truth About Body Transformation: Why Your
Gym & Your Trainer May Have Been Leading You
Down The Wrong Path?ˆ¦

Ryan Murdock

Do you ever ask yourself what the ?ˆ?secret?ˆ? is? What do those ?ˆ?other?ˆ? guys and gals know that you don??t. You know, the ones that have those great bodies and boundless energy.

I mean, what??s with the constant yo-yo of one step forward and two steps back?

If you??re confused or frustrated about your lack of progress, like so many of our clients used to be, then you??ve come to the right place.

By the time you??re done reading THIS page, you??ll know exactly why you haven't YET succeeded in building PRECISELY the body you??ve been working for.

And better yet, we??re going to explain how you can ?ˆ" and should ?ˆ" do it with no equipment. And why you should expect to start seeing a ?ˆ?new you?ˆ? in the mirror only 28 days into your new training adventure.

Adam Steer

But just to be clear ?ˆ" cause I know what you??re thinking ?ˆ" this isn??t about some pie in the sky pill poppin?? scheme. I??m simply going to tell you ?ˆ" in no-nonsense terms ?ˆ" why your body has been fighting AGAINST your every effort to get in top shape, and what you need to do to outsmart it.
The Problem: The ?ˆ?Dating?ˆ? Syndrome?ˆ¦

When you??re dating, you??re not quite sure. Do you really want to commit to that person? Is he or she fun? Do you look forward to time together? Does he or she stimulate you?

If you??re not sure, you can end up in the on again, off again cycle of uncertainty that can drag on for years, and leave you alone at the end of the line to start all over again with someone new.

Training and nutrition are much the same. Most of us are only ?ˆ?dating?ˆ? our exercise and diet plans.
And here??s WHY THAT??S SO BAD?ˆ¦

You??re body loves something called homeostasis. That means it likes to stay just the way it is. And the longer it??s been that way, the more it likes that cosy little comfort zone.

In order to change that, you need to fly under your body??s radar, slowly pressing into new territory day by day. That takes consistent and sustained effort.

Exercise causes you to temporarily dip into a state of disrepair and a subsequent rebuilding. If you stay consistent, you??ll finish a little closer to your goal each time you train. But if you don??t stick to your guns, you??ll slip back down to your previous state ?ˆ" or your body may even put on a little MORE fat for safe keeping?ˆ¦

Unfortunately, your regression back to the body??s ?ˆ?reset?ˆ? comfort zone is a lot quicker than your progress toward your desired ?ˆ?new?ˆ? body.

The only way to make progress towards your end goal is through consistency. But most programs don??t deliver on the ?ˆ?essentials?ˆ? that develop the level of trust, commitment and passion that makes you want to ?ˆ?stick it out.?ˆ?
First of all, we??re all SHORT ON TIME.

But what does your local neighbourhood gym tell you to do? Hour long aerobics classes. 45 minute sessions of drudgery on the treadmill. 90 minute weight training sessions. Who has time?

And we haven??t even STARTED calculating the travel time to and from the gym. And what about all the time you waste waiting around for busy machines? No wonder people sign up in droves for gyms ?ˆ" never to show up again after their first few weeks?ˆ¦
The alternative is to train at home.

And that??s a great idea. But who has the room ?ˆ" or the big bucks ?ˆ" to set themselves up with a nice home gym? Most at-home training programs promise an affordable option, but don??t mention the hundreds of dollars it takes to get yourself set up.

So what about BODYWEIGHT TRAINING? It would seem like the perfect solution. It??s portable and it can be done in a very small space. But here??s the problem with bodyweight exercise?ˆ¦ most programs will leave you bored to tears within?? minutes.

You see, 99% of trainers writing bodyweight programs never move beyond hundreds of repetitions of sit ups, push ups and bodyweight lunges. Who could stick to that?

And if your program is boring or you don??t stick to it consistently, it??s going to be absolutely IMPOSSIBLE to reach the levels of intensity that are required to really transform your body.

We hope that doesn??t sound confusing. We know a lot of gyms and trainers are telling you to exercise for long durations at a low to moderate pace if you want to stay in the ?ˆ?fat burning zone.?ˆ? But we??ll be blunt?ˆ¦ that??s outdated science and it just doesn??t work.
You need HIGH INTENSITY to transform your body?ˆ¦

Every single time high intensity exercise in short bursts has been pitted against moderate intensity exercise over long durations, the high intensity sessions have come out on top ?ˆ" by a long shot.

So not only does short, intense exercise win out, but it??s done in half the time so you can get back to your life, family and work. And if you don??t have to go to the gym ?ˆ" instead doing MORE efficient bodyweight exercises wherever you want ?ˆ" all the better.

But the whole thing is a mystery. Why the heck are standard equipment free workout programs so boring?

It??s a cinch to write a great bodyweight program!!

All a trainer needs to do is have a little imagination, read every old book on gymnastics, bodyweight exercise, strongman training & physical culture, search out and study with the masters of equipment free training around the world and test their programs on hundreds of people ?ˆ?in the field.?ˆ?

Hmmm - OK, I guess that??s why there aren??t many great bodyweight programs out there. But hey, we HAVE done all that and I??m about to tell you what we figured out.
The Solution: Strategic Intensity & Natural Movement

Do you wonder what it would be like to LOOK FORWARD ?ˆ" in an almost jittery excitement ?ˆ" to your next high intensity training session?

When??s the last time you were excited to get to the gym and perfect your bench press technique?

If you want long term success and ?ˆ?stick-to-it-ness?ˆ? in your body transformation journey, you need to be excited about working your butt off?ˆ¦! That may sound impossible. But that??s because you haven??t yet experienced a great program YET.

First of all, let me ask you what it takes to generate a truly high intensity session? What gets you to put forth a monumental effort that leaves you panting and drenched with sweat?


Has that ever really worked for you?

No, if it were as easy as willpower, we??d all be in phenomenal shape. The TRUTH is, you have to work yourself up to high intensity ?ˆ" both mentally and physically ?ˆ" in a very strategic way.
But why is the INTENSITY of your training so important?

If you want to burn fat can??t you just do moderate intensity ?ˆ?cardio?ˆ? exercises like running on the treadmill for hours at a time? I know that??s what you??ve been told. But unfortunately it??s hogwash.

It?ˆ™s true that moderate intensity, steady state exercise uses primarily fat oxidation as fuel, but that isn?ˆ™t the total picture. In a study done to compare the fat burning benefits of traditional ?ˆ?cardio?ˆ? training and high intensity intervals, two groups were assigned different training regimens.

Group A performed the regular moderate intensity cardio regime (ex. jogging or bicycling) for 20 weeks, and Group B performed a high intensity interval training (HIIT) routine for 15 weeks. The results of each group were recorded.

Group B lost nine times more fat than Group A?ˆ"and in 5 weeks less! Why does HIIT style training burn more fat than moderate intensity ?ˆ?cardio?ˆ? training?

But not many people are truly able to tap into that. (even though they THINK they are)

Here??s the gist of what has to happen. The first thing you need to do is prime your joints, muscles and nervous system for intense exercise. Then, as you build to higher levels of intensity, you need to activate the nervous system and balance your muscular system for the hard work to come.

Once that prep work is done, you??re ready for the final ramp towards true high intensity. There??s only one step left. You need to perform challenging exercises at a moderate level of intensity in order to ignite your entire body in anticipation of the high intensity session. The next day, you unleash the inner fire and ?ˆ?enjoy?ˆ? the ride. (it??s one of those ?ˆ?love to hate?ˆ? experiences)

That formula works with pretty much any set of exercises. But to really tap into your potential you need to take your body through it??s full movement potential. That means taking a look at our ?ˆ?intrinsic human movement?ˆ? patterns and reclaiming them.

When people first see the bodyweight exercises we use in our programs, the word ?ˆ?crazy?ˆ? often escapes their lips. But when they actually try the exercises, they immediately recognize the ?ˆ?naturalness?ˆ? of the movement.

And to be honest, that??s our only SECRET to developing unique and exciting exercises. We look at the way the body is SUPPOSED to move and we recreate that in our programs.
But why is bodyweight training the BEST solution?

We??ve tested a ton of training tools and contraptions over the years. And by far the BEST way we??ve found to really reproduce the intrinsic movement patterns of the human body is through bodyweight exercise.

And it makes sense?ˆ¦ We evolved to move through our environment dynamically by pushing, pulling, tugging, crawling, running and squatting against the resistance of gravity on our body. Bodyweight let's us get "back to the future".

You see, because of modern lifestyles we??ve lost a lot of the movement potential we??re entitled to. Exercise programs are almost like a ?ˆ?supplement?ˆ? in the nutrition world. They put back in the essential elements we??re not getting because of our modern reality.

Part of taking back our intrinsic movement is in the choice of the actual exercises in our program. But we also add entire routines devoted solely to ?ˆ?compensatory movements?ˆ? designed to reclaim your movement potential. Part of that is joint mobility. And the rest is specially formulated myofascial stretching.

And by synergistically putting together our intrinsic movements with strategic intensity in our Bodyweight Blueprint, we get truly profound results.

How profound? Maybe these people are the best placed to answer that?ˆ

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