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Tuts+ Premium Course -  Redis Essential
Tuts+ Premium Course - Redis Essential
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In this course, we?re going to take a look at Redis. Redis isn?t exactly a database: it?s not relational or document-oriented. Instead, it?s a key-value store: every ?record? is just label and a piece of data. It might sound boring, but I think you?ll find that Redis has a lot to offer. Let?s check it out!

Getting Started 5m 36s
Introduction and Installation 5m 36s

Data Structures 42m 12s
Data Structures Overview 4m 38s
String Commands 9m 48s
List Commands 11m 12s
Hash Commands 4m 10s
Set Commands 6m 16s
Sorted Set Commands 6m 8s

More Methods 24m 48s
Other Commands 7m 48s
Sorting 8m 46s
Publish and Subscribe Commands 4m 26s
Transactions 3m 48s

Administration 27m 50s
Redis Config Files 12m 56s
Lua Scripting 7m 6s
Drivers 7m 48s

Outside Redis 2m 22s
Conclusion 2m 22s

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