Venomode Maximal v2.1.2 (WiN / OSX)
Venomode Maximal v2.1.2 WiN / OSX | 4 Mb / 10 Mb

Maximal is a maximising peak limiter that allows you to get the most out of your sound. Perfect for all kinds of studio use, from mixing and mastering, to single tracks and instuments. Using a lookahead brickwall peak limiter, along with a level automater, Maximal can make some headroom, and push your sounds loud.
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Venomode Maximal v2.1.1 Mac OSX
File size: 10.69 MB

Maximal is a loudness maximiser, featuring an advanced lookahead peak limiter and analogue modelled saturation. The multi-stage limiter section features next-level lookahead, automatic makeup gain, and adaptive and responsive release. This plugin will smoothly limit any peaks in the audio, and automatically increase the overall level. The analogue modelled tape and tube saturation modes encompass all the best parts of the analogue world, without all the bad parts - such as high-frequency roll-off, hiss, wow and flutter.
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Venomode Complexer v1.0.0 WiN  v1.0.1 OSX
Venomode Complexer v1.0.0 WiN / v1.0.1 OSX | 4.24 Mb / 6.94 Mb

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