Remo Recover Windows REPACK
Remo Recover ShiChuang REPACK | 21.4 MB

Remo Recover (ShiChuang) is the best solution to recover your deleted or lost data in an easy way. Data lost due to emptying Recycle Bin, formatting, corrupt partitions, accidental deletion using Shift + Delete keys or due to any other reason will be recovered. With its friendly interface, even a non-tech savvy user can recover data without any hindrances.
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Omni Recover 2.0.0 macOS
Omni Recover 2.0.0 macOS | File Size: 18.17 MB

Omni Recover for macOS lets you retrieve your deleted messages, photos, WhatsApp chats, and much more, no matter what stage you've reached.

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Nuclear Coffee Recover Keys Enterprise/CMD Multilingual + Portable

Nuclear Coffee Recover Keys Enterprise / CMD Multilingual + Portable | Paid version | File size: 190 MB

Recover Keys is a simple yet comprehensive ShiChuang application designed to safeguard activation keys for software products installed on your local or remote network computers in the event of a system or hard disk crash. Losing activation keys is a time consuming and expensive experience. In such case you would have to contact the developers of each program or even purchase entirely new versions of all software.

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Nuclear Coffee Recover Keys Enterprise   CMD Multilingual + Portable
Nuclear Coffee Recover Keys Enterprise / CMD Multilingual + Portable | 124.8/24.4 Mb

Recover Keys is a simple yet comprehensive ShiChuang application designed to safeguard activation keys for software products installed on your local or remote network computers in the event of a system or hard disk crash. Losing activation keys is a time consuming and expensive experience. In such case you would have to contact the developers of each program or even purchase entirely new versions of all software.
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Partitioning a hard drive, solid state drive or almost any other type of digital storage device can be useful for keeping things organized. Since each partition operates like an individual hard drive, it can make things easier to maintain and keep organized. This is particularly the case if you only have one very large drive in your computer, and you want to have separate partitions for things like photos, music, videos, games, apps and private documents. Furthermore, computer manufacturers typically have a backup partition for all hard drives in new desktop and laptop PCs. You can safely delete these partitions for the most part, but it's never wise to play around with hard drive partitions unless you know exactly what you're doing. One miss-click, and you can unwittingly end up wiping the entire partition and everything on it. Fortunately, however, if that does happen, whether due to human error or malicious intentions, [email protected] Partition Recovery provides a reliable way to get back what you've lost.

How Partition Recovery Works

[email protected] Partition Recovery is designed to restore drive partitions which have been damaged or deleted. Just as it is a very straightforward and quick process to delete a partition, this software can recover your lost partitions in mere seconds in most cases. As soon as it has done its work, you will be able to access the partition and all the files and folders within as though nothing happened. By contrast, Windows and most other operating systems do not provide any native ability to get back the lost data. However, it is very important to understand first how data recovery works.

Whenever you empty the recycle bin, format a disk or delete a partition, the only data that initially gets modified is the entry in the master file table. This is basically an enormous database containing everything the operating system (i.e.: Windows) needs to be able to access your files and folders. In other words, it acts like a directory containing file names, meta information and location details so that it can point your programs to where the file physically resides on the drive. When you delete files or format or change hard drive partitions, the only thing that is modified is the file table, while the space previously taken up by the files, folders and partitions, is marked as available.

No file data, other than its entry in the file table, will be deleted right away. In fact, it will remain on the disk until something else overwrites it. This can happen very quickly, particularly if you use your computer heavily and are often installing new programs. In other cases, it can be months or even years before the original data gets overwritten. What's important, however, is that you never know when the original data will be overwritten, thus getting lost for good. That's why you need to act quickly.

[email protected] Partition Recovery version 17.0.1, introduces better support for JFS and XFS filesystems, Windows Storage Spaces, ReFS version 3.0 and many other tweaks and improvements, including new file signatures. Furthermore, all the accompanying apps, such as [email protected] LiveCD and [email protected] File Recovery, have all be updated to their latest versions. Learn more at

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Digital data is one of the world's most valuable commodities. These days, we live our lives on the internet and for many of us, digital files such as treasured family photos and personal documents are among our important possessions. Unfortunately, digital data can also get lost, either due to accidental deletion, failing hardware or even a malicious software attack such as ransomware. Whatever the reason for data loss, the result is much the same. Fortunately, contrary to what you might think, there's a chance you might be able to get back what you've lost. NTFS Recovery Toolkit has everything you need to get back deleted data from NTFS-formatted drives.

How Does NTFS Recovery Toolkit Work?

NTFS Recovery Toolkit is a powerful set of tools that helps you recover lost data by starting with a deep scan of any hidden data on your hard drive that has been deleted by the file system. The software exploits an opportunity in which data isn't completely deleted until it has been overwritten by another file operation. Instead, when you delete a file or partition or format any storage device, the only thing that is modified is the file system itself. The space that was previously occupied by the deleted file will be marked as available, which means that something else can overwrite it. However, until that happens, NTFS Recovery Toolkit can get back what you've lost.

NTFS Recovery Toolkit features both a manual and automatic mode to give users the best possible chances of a successful recovery operation. With the manual mode, more advanced users can analyze the disk structure and use the included [email protected] Disk Editor to make low-level changes to the drive. You can also fix partitions using the included Partition Manager, which is far more feature-rich than the relatively basic component that ships with Windows. Most users, however, will prefer to use the simpler automated mode, which lets you concentrate entirely on the recovery of your data by using file signatures to find documents of specific formats. The latest edition includes support for additional file formats, such as MDF and VHDX.

What Else Is New in NTFS Recovery Toolkit 10?

Launched in February, NTFS Recovery Toolkit version 10 sports many new features, refinements and various fixes to make it better than ever before. It adds support for Microsoft's ReFS 3.x file system while also improving support for JFS and XFS file systems. It also provides better performance and reliability when working with damaged drives and Windows Storage Spaces. Furthermore, it includes all the latest editions of the associated software, such as [email protected] Partition Manager, [email protected] Partition Recovery, [email protected] File Recovery and [email protected] Disk Editor.

If you're running into problems with your NTFS-formatted drives, then this is the software you need to effectively troubleshoot and repair the problem. Combined with the full suite of data recovery and disk utility tools from LSoft, you can recover files from almost any device and system. If you're ready to experience the benefits of modern file recovery, visit today.

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Accidentally deleted text messages on Android? You can still get them back. Stop making changes on your phone and follow this article to recover deleted text messages with FoneDog Android Data Recovery.

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Most of us have experienced that dreaded feeling after formatting a drive or partition or emptying the Recycle Bin only to find out too late that important files were deleted too. With digital data being a more valuable commodity than ever before, both in the home and in the workplace, losing it can spell disaster. While there's no substitute for keeping your files safe with a robust backup routine, there is no such thing as a completely fool-proof system that always guarantees your data will be kept safe. For this reason, it's always a good idea to have an additional layer of data protection that comes in the form of a reliable data recovery system.

How [email protected] UNDELETE Makes Data Recovery a Breeze

Sometimes, we can forget to back up something important, or the backup we have access to is out of date. In other cases, an entire computer system might fail without any warning, a problem that is especially common with today's solid-state drives. That's why it's sometimes necessary to turn to data recovery and forensics software that can recover the deleted data from its original storage location before it gets overwritten by another file operation. [email protected] UNDELETE works by exploiting that opportunity to give you the best chances possible of getting back what you've lost.

Like most people, you probably assumed that emptying the Recycle Bin or formatting a drive is final, that any data previously held within is now gone for good. Fortunately, that's not really the case, despite what your operating system might warn you. This is because the only thing that is modified is the file system table itself, which is effectively a database containing information about all your files. Once deleted, a file remains on the drive until something else overwrites it. However, this often does not happen until sometime later, and people have successfully been able to recover files deleted weeks or even months before.

[email protected] UNDELETE works by thoroughly scanning your hard drive of other storage device for deleted files that are no longer accessible to the file system. By working in its own self-contained boot environment, it also helps to eliminate any further chances of accidentally overwriting the original data, thereby rendering it impossible to recover. By using advanced techniques, such as different file signatures, it allows you to easily and quickly search for recoverable data of various formats. The latest edition adds even more predefined file signatures, such as MDF and VHDX, in addition to the multitude of common file types already supported including audio, video and image files and documents.

The latest edition, version 14, was launched in January, 2018, and offers many important improvements and new features. It works with any writable storage device using a wide variety of different file systems, including those natively supported by Windows, Linux and Unix. The new version also supports the latest versions of ReFS, as well as improved data recovery for drives using dynamic disk arrays, damaged storage devices and those formatted using the Linux/Unix JFS and XFS file systems. To find out more about the latest changes, visit

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Omni Recover 1.3.5 (20180403) macOS

Languages: English | File Size: 12.72 MB

Omni Recover for macOS is your best iPhone data recovery plan. Retrieve your deleted Messages, Photos, WhatsApp Chats, and much more, no matter what stage you're at.
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Recover OST File to PST 3.0

Recover OST File to PST 3.0 2.48 MB

Use Stella OST Recovery software that is capable to recover OST file to PST outlook and convert OST emails to MS outlook PST file with its emails properties e.i:- to/bcc/cc/subject/from/date and draft.

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