Heir Hunters S10E08 Radmall Hawkesworth PDTV x264-JIVE

Season 10, Episode 08 -"Radmall Hawkesworth″
Competition is intense as heir hunting firms battle to find heirs on a high-value treasury case worth close to half a million pounds. Uncovering a family history in motor car manufacturing, the hunt quickly leads to a sole heir discovered only a few miles away. Can the Heir Hunters beat other firms to sign him up and break the news of this unexpected windfall?
In Shropshire, the hunt is on for heirs to the estate of a career soldier. With an unusual name to work with, the team discover his mother was conscripted to build parts for fighter planes during World War II - could this have sparked her son's interest in the military? With a career stretching halfway around the world to the rainforests of Borneo and back, the team uncovers a close-knit group of friends who fondly remember their army youth.
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