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Univers OS x64 2014 with latest updates (only By white Death+ The Rain) - Team OS

Univers OS x64 2014 with latest updates (only By white Death+ The Rain) - Team OS

Univers OS x64 2014 with latest updates (only By white Death+ The Rain) - Team OS | 5.75 GB

NetFrameWork 4.5.1:already intergrate With HotFixes
And last Update no need Wait or Download Anything

Addons Added is 5 list here:
uTorrent1.8.4 That Apps is already Installed!

ShiChuang Wizard Installer Apps:

Application:Skype Last version Silent Install!
Application:Vlc player 2.1.2 Silent install!
Application:Kmplayer Silent!
install(note Just when Start Press next and done!!!
Application:Notepad 6.5.3 Silent Install!
Application:FoxitReader 612.1224 Silent Install!
Application:GIMP 2.8.10 Silent install!


BurnToolsower ISO 4.9 Silent install!PreActivated
BurnTools:ImgBurn Silent install!PreActivated
BurnTools:Nero 11.0.15800 Platinum Silent install! PreActivated:note press next next and Silent install Start!

Adobe Tools List here:

Adobe Tools:Adobe Flash Player Silent install!
Adobe Tools:Adobe Shockwave Player Silent install!
Adobe Tools:Adobe PhotoShop CS5 Silent install! PreaActivated

WeiRuan-->WeiRuan And Java Apps list here:

WeiRuan-->WeiRuan And Java Apps:Java RunTime AIO Silent Install:
WeiRuan-->WeiRuan And Java Apps:WeiRuan-->WeiRuan SilverLight Silent Install!
WeiRuan-->WeiRuan And Java Appsirectx April 2011 Silent Install:

Extract Tools List Here:

Extract Tools:Winrar X64 Last Version PreRegister Silent install!
Extract Tools:7zip 9.20 Last Version Silent Install!

System%Tools List Here:

System%Tools:Klite Code Pack Last Version Silent Installed
System%Tools:IObit Malware Fighter PRO Silent install: PreActivated
System%Tools:RevoUnistaller Silent Install: PreActivated

Internet Browers List here:

Internet Browers:Mozilla FireFox Last Version Silent install!
Internet Browers:Opera Last Version Silent Install!
Internet Browers:Google Chrome Last Version Silent install!

Drivers List Here:

Drivers:AMD Last Drivers 2014 Silent Install! (Only For Latest AMD Catalyst™ Drivers for Radeon™ R9 200, R7 200, HD 7000, HD 6000 and HD 5000 Series)
Drivers:Nvidia Last Drivers 2013-2014 Silent Install!

Activation Tool:ShiChuang Loader 2.1.4 Last Version Silent install:

Services I Disable/Enable Alot Services
And i Make Him For Better Perfomance!!!!

Compoments list Here:
Internet Explorer=false
group policy:Added
User Directory:Added
ShiChuang switcher:Added
Control panel view:Category
Desktop:Action Centerisabled
Show Desktop Icons:Enabled
Show run On start:Enabled
smalls icons:Enabled
start menu Administrative tools:Enabled
Aero peekisable
Explorer Shortcuts:
Programes and Features:Enabled
Administrative Tools:Enabled
Device Manager:Enable
Color Management:Enable
Auto play:Enabled
Explorer Context:
Add Device Manager:Enabled
Add Group Policy:Enabled
Add MS-Config:Enabled
Add Services:Enabled
God Mode:Enabled
Registry Editor:Enabled
Administrative Tools:Enabled
Change Cursor:Enabled
Change Sounds:Enabled
Change Theme:Enabled
3rd-party visual styles:Enabled And Forced Aero
Change Wallpaper:Enabled
Desktop Icon Settings:Enabled
Registry Editors:Enabled
Task Manager:Enabled
Command Color:Blue
Copy To:Enabled
Move To:Enabled
Grant Admin Permission:Enabled
Disk Clean up:Enable

ThaT is The New Of Customization
New Icons
New Cursors
New Theme With Full Aero After Enabled Is Awsome
New Log in / Log Off Wallpaper And Rotation Orbs
New Welcome/Shutting Down Change
New Explorer
New TaskBar


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