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HDR Light Studio Complete v4.0.2 with Picture Lights MacOSX

HDR Light Studio Complete v4.0.2 with Picture Lights MacOSX - Size : 38.7 MB + 1.18 GB

HDR Light Studio is an interactive tool for creating custom HDR environment maps for image based lighting of CG scenes. Work with a dynamic HDR canvas where Synthetic and Picture based light sources are positioned, scaled, colored all on fly on the HDRI. Accomplish all these lighting tasks in real-time directly on your 3D model. Instant lighting feedback - a totally interactive lighting tool.

Create a custom HDRI map for each shot as faster alternative to creating and moving lights or emitters in 3D to light your scenes

Create complex and precise lighting & reflections for reflective objects like products, jewelry and cars

Create professional studio lighting environments containing real studio light source captures

Load and control existing HDRI maps with local adjustments to exposure, color and saturation even adding additional lights. Re-light the HDR to emphasize the beauty of the subject, whilst maintaining the character and detail within the original HDRI

Create convincing lighting for CG objects placed into photographic backgrounds using color matching tools

Create a HDR environment as the foundation to your shot containing the majority of ambient lighting - as a result add far less CG light sources than ever before, only where you need them

HDR Light Studio Complete v4.0.2



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