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Articulate Storyline It抯 all you need to create interactive e-learning. Build highly interactive online and mobile courses with Articulate Storyline, the only e-learning authoring software that grows with you. It抯 simple enough for beginners, powerful enough for experts.

Intuitive User Interface
What learning curve? We抳e designed Storyline from the ground up to simplify your life. It抯 so intuitive and easy to use that you can get started right away梩here抯 no training required. If you抳e used PowerPoint, you抣l feel right at home.

Slide Templates
Build your slides from scratch or start from a template. You can even use templates with interactivity common to e-learning courses already built in. Easily customize a template to make it completely yours. Don't see what you want? No problem. Free slide interactions and course templates are posted to E-Learning Heroes all the time. Simply download and then access your new templates from within Storyline.

Connect more fully with learners by using characters in your course. It抯 easy to add up to 47,500 combinations of illustrated and photographic characters, expressions, and poses梩here抯 no need to hunt for art online. With just a few clicks, you can insert characters, then change their poses and expressions. Extend your character library with additional Articulate character packs.

Revolutionary interactivity
You抳e never experienced anything like Storyline. We抳e made building interactivity so easy, you抣l wonder how you ever lived without it.

Slide Layers
Drastically simplify how you create interactivity with slide layers, the innovative new way of building multiple interactions on a single slide. Slide layers let you quickly and easily overlay objects, and trigger layers to appear when learners take certain actions. No more duplicating and managing multiple slides. With slide layers, you create, edit, and manage multiple interactions on one slide梥o you can author courses faster than ever.

Build interactivity by choosing from a menu of easy-to-understand actions, such as 搄ump to slide?or 搒how a layer.?Then, designate when you want the action to occur, such as when a user clicks on a certain object. Combine triggers to create increasingly complex interactions.

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