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Matte Magic Collection 10

Matte Magic Collection 10

Matte Magic Collection 10
ISO | MOV | 1920x1080 | 6.38 GB

With a name originating from the Greek word strobos meaning ''act of whirling'', a strobe is a device used to produce regular flashes of light which can be used to give the appearance of slow motion, or to quickly light a scene with a sudden burst of synchronized light in order to capture fast action on a camera. Conversely, when a continuous light shines unsteadily or intermittently, it is said to flicker and you get intermittent flashes of shade or darkness. In both cases, the interplay of sudden light and sudden dark can affect how we perceive the action behind it -- a useful trick to have in any production arsenal. The Matte Magic Strobes & Flickers Collection allows you to combine your footage with a deceptively straightforward library of easy to use and fast to render black and white matte animations that will light your productions with the kind of flashing, flickering motion that mimics the passing of objects in front of the camera and simulates movement that doesn't exist in the clip.This can add unique visual interest and specific lighting effects that will bring any project out of the ordinary and up to a higher level of motion design magic.

The Matte Magic Strobes & Flickers volume includes more than 40 uniquely useful animated mattes with a variety of flashing, flickering, strobe-lit effects. The clips in this collection include a variety of intricately choreographed, rhythmically diverse, soft and hard shapes and motions. The matte motion is designed to momentarily distract your viewer with effects that add active vigor to your footage by simulating more energetic lighting environments in modern-day chiaroscuro tableaus. Simply by adding any of these mattes on top of your footage with the appropriate luma matte setting, you can elevate your footage from the mundane to the sublime, instantly raising the production value of any type of production from promos to montages, show opens to event videos.

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