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Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 x64 en-US IE10 USB3 Oct2013

Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 x64 en-US IE10 USB3 Oct2013 | 634 MB

No Windows 7 Settings were harmed in the making of this ISO.
No Programs are added to Windows.
No Unattended Settings were added to the installation.
No Registry Settings were modified.

x64 MSDN Source:

Installation Index:
Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 x64
Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 x64 Pre-Activated

Use this Patch File: Win7Ult-SP1-x64-Oct2013.svf
Size: 634 MB
SHA-1: 052D318FB4E0AEFF6313C18BB42A6946CD40A352

Combine with Baseline File: Win7Ult-SP1-x64-en-US-Baseline.iso
Size: 3.15 GiB
SHA-1: B6E8CE686A32AAAA3DF657774D65BDE02B02E1AD

To Create Monthly Release File: Win7Ult-SP1-x64-en-US-Oct2013.iso
Size: 3.80 GiB
SHA-1: 0C68847DDD06FA2950CC303DF8CA6A058579FF18

Language: en-US (English - United States)

Tools used:
Microsoft DaRT 7 (thx anarchist9027) imagex for image compression, renaming, and export dism for MSU KB hotfix integration and mounted file copy oscdimg for ISO mastering Added Info folder to Setup dir to annoy credit thieves.

DISM /add-package (IE10 and PreReqs):
KB2670838, KB2726535, KB2729094-v2,, IE10-Hyphenation, IE10-Spelling

DISM /add-package (Main Hotfixes):
KB2479943, KB2491683, KB2506014, KB2506212, KB2506928-v2, KB2509553,
KB2511455, KB2515325, KB2532531, KB2536275, KB2536276-v2, KB2541014,
KB2544893, KB2545698, KB2547666, KB2552343, KB2560656, KB2563227,
KB2564958, KB2570947, KB2574819, KB2579686, KB2584146, KB2585542,
KB2592687, KB2603229, KB2604115, KB2618451, KB2619339, KB2620704,
KB2621440, KB2631813, KB2640148-v2, KB2645640, KB2647753-v4, KB2653956,
KB2654428, KB2655992, KB2656356, KB2660075, KB2667402-v2, KB2676562,
KB2685811, KB2685813, KB2685939, KB2690533, KB2691442, KB2698365,
KB2699779-v2, KB2705219-v2, KB2709630, KB2709981-v2, KB2712808, KB2718704,
KB2719857, KB2727528, KB2729452, KB2732059-v5, KB2732487-v2, KB2732500-v2,
KB2736422, KB2742599, KB2743555, KB2750841, KB2756921, KB2757638,
KB2761217, KB2763523, KB2770660, KB2773072, KB2785220, KB2786081,
KB2786400, KB2789645, KB2791765, KB2798162, KB2799926, KB2803821-v2,
KB2807986, KB2808679, KB2813347, KB2813430, KB2813956, KB2820197,
KB2820331, KB2832414, KB2833946, KB2834140, KB2834886, KB2835361,
KB2835364, KB2836502, KB2836942, KB2836943-v2, KB2839894, KB2840149,
KB2840631, KB2844286-v2, KB2845187, KB2846960, KB2847311, KB2847927,
KB2849470, KB2852386, KB2853952, KB2861191, KB2861698, KB2861855,
KB2862330, KB2862335, KB2862966, KB2863058, KB2863240, KB2864058,
KB2864202, KB2868038, KB2868116, KB2868623, KB2872339, KB2876284,
KB2882822, KB2883150, KB2884256, KB2888049, KB971033, KB982018-v3

DISM /add-package (IE monthly and Windows Update)
KB2879017, WUClient-ActiveX, WUClient-Aux-TopLevel, WuClient-Core-TopLevel

SetupComplete.cmd phase:
KB2533552 (online-only update)
Winloader and reboot if Pre-Activated index. (Neither if not)

-Internet Explorer 10
-USB3 drivers for major manufacturers for both boot and install index.
-Network and WLAN drivers for most manufacturers added.
-Default and Pre-Activated indexes; choose your flavor
-DaRT7 recovery-mode options integrated into boot setup.
-UEFI boot information added to ISO boot data*
*Also changed the EFI folder around to allow UEFI USB Flash drive booting

Recent Changes:
-Moved to patching system to minimize seeding requirements
-Added Windows Update 7.6.7600.256 SelfUpdate

1- Get this torrent
2- Get the baseline torrent if you don't already have (Link Included)
3- Get SmartVersion 3.0 (Link Inlcuded)
4- Cut/Paste the .svf patch from this torrent to the baseline .ISO folder
5- Open SmartVersion 3.0 and open the .svf patch (Select baseline folder)
6- Click the "Extract some files from a version" button (Books + Down Arrow)
7- Choose a destination directory for the monthly .ISO
8- Enjoy your monthly .ISO and keep your baseline ISO for next month

Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 x64 en-US IE10 USB3 Oct2013

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