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Windows 8.0 AIO 18in1 x64 en-US Pre-Activated Oct2013

Windows 8.0 AIO 18in1 x64 en-US Pre-Activated Oct2013 | 3.25 GB

No Windows 8.0 Settings were harmed in the making of this ISO.
No Programs are added to Windows.
No Registry Settings were modified.
No Unattended Settings were added to the ISO.

x64 MSDN Sources:

These RTM Sources are the final Build 9200

Installation Indexes:
Windows 8.0 (Core) x64 / KMS-Activated
Windows 8.0 (Core) N x64 / KMS-Activated
Windows 8.0 Pro x64 / KMS-Activated
Windows 8.0 Pro with Media Center x64
Windows 8.0 ProWMC x64 KMS-Activated
Windows 8.0 Pro N x64 / KMS-Activated
Windows 8.0 Pro VL x64 / KMS-Activated
Windows 8.0 Pro N VL x64 / KMS-Activated
Windows 8.0 Enterprise x64 / KMS-Activated
Windows 8.0 Enterprise N x64 KMS-Activated

Combine Release Patch File:
Size: 3.25GiB
SHA-1: F46555B308C81B2F154447B34B29C4F826518D35

With The Baseline Version Torrent At:
File Name: Win80AIO-x64-en-US-WIM-Baseline.iso
Size: 3.72 GiB
SHA-1: D6746846935E1B97BCFF66227AE3C4DF8D6025E6

To Create Release File:
Size: 7.08GiB
SHA-1: A8569ED5522FA21AA27EF53504CB781FA63499DE

Language: en-US (English - United States)

Tools used:
Microsoft DaRT8 SP1 (thx anarchist9027) imagex for renaming, prowmc index flag, and index export dism for MSU KB integration, mount for file copying oscdimg for ISO mastering info folder added to Windows Setup folder to annoy credit theives

KB Files added via add-package dism:
KB2779444, KB2727528, KB2737084, KB2742614, KB2750149, KB2756872,
KB2757638, KB2758246-v2, KB2761094, KB2764870, KB2768703, KB2769034,
KB2769165, KB2770660, KB2770917, KB2771744, KB2771821, KB2777166,
KB2777294, KB2778171, KB2779768, KB2780342, KB2780523, KB2781197-v2,
KB2782419, KB2783251, KB2784160, KB2785094, KB2785220, KB2788350,
KB2789649, KB2790920, KB2792009, KB2795944, KB2798162, KB2800033,
KB2800088, KB2802618, KB2803676, KB2803821, KB2805222, KB2805227,
KB2805966-v3, KB2807986, KB2808679, KB2811660, KB2812829, KB2813430,
KB2815769, KB2820197, KB2822241, KB2823233, KB2823516, KB2829254,
KB2829361, KB2830290, KB2833958, KB2835361, KB2835364, KB2836988,
KB2839894, KB2840632-v2, KB2845187, KB2845533, KB2847311, KB2849470,
KB2850674, KB2853915, KB2855336, KB2856373, KB2859541, KB2861702,
KB2862073, KB2862330, KB2862335, KB2862768, KB2862966, KB2863058,
KB2863725, KB2864058, KB2864202, KB2864629, KB2868038, KB2868623,
KB2869628, KB2871389, KB2876415, KB2877211, KB2879017, KB2880289,
KB2883150, KB2883201, KB2884256, KB2886439

setupcomplete.cmd phase:
KB2772501 (online only IEPropSchema update)
KB2871777 (Servicing Stack Update)
SC Config and SC Create (KMS-Activated index)
Reboot for Servicing Stack configuration completion

-Non-Activated indexes and KMS-Activated indexes
KMS-Activated indexes will Activate before first logon and
renew activation every 7 days.
-Recent Windows Updates included for extra security
-Included notes from my KMS-SS for Office activation
and other information. You do not need to read to use.
-MS DaRT8 SP1 integrated into "Repair this computer" boot option
-UEFI boot information added to the ISO boot data
-Scripts folder added to ISO. I have included a few useful scripts such as the Windows Update service stop, NetFx3 add, Windows Update's SoftwareDistribution download folder deletion, and the WinSXS clean script.

(I recommend everyone clean the WinSXS folder at least once after install to re-compress the WinSXS folder using the new compression from the servicing stack update. It will take one to three hours and seem to be stuck at 60 percent but let it work. It will finish. Saves about 2GB for x64 version)

1- Get this torrent (Uncheck read-only flag on .SVF file if present)
2- Get the baseline torrent if you don't already have (Link Included)
3- Get SmartVersion 3.0 (Link Inlcuded)
4- Cut/Paste the .SVF patch from this torrent to the baseline .ISO folder
5- Open SmartVersion 3.0 and open the .svf patch (Select baseline folder)
6- Click the "Extract some files from a version" button (Books + Down Arrow)
7- Choose a destination directory for the monthly .ISO
8- Enjoy your monthly .ISO and keep your baseline ISO for next month

Windows 8.0 AIO 18in1 x64 en-US Pre-Activated Oct2013

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