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Portable Gug Soft 3D Gugle Pro X 7.4

Portable Gug Soft 3D Gugle Pro X 7.4 | 163 mb

Gug Soft 3D Gugle - is the most advanced software to create any type of stereoscopic and линзовидных images, animation, video, and applications. With 3d Gugle you can just form stereo pairs and transform 2d to 3d, to create images and movies in 3d and stereoscopic or a regular animation. You can handle all types of images, edit digital movies, convert images, the use of graphics filters, and perform many other functions! 3d Gugle to the same offers You a complete set of tools to work with lenticular images.

With the help of 3D Gugle you can easily generate a stereo and convert 2D to 3D, to create images and movies in the format of 3D stereoscopic or usual animation, convert 2D in the анаглифный format. Supports any types of images are graphic filters, there are many different tools to work with lenticular images-pictures.

Key features:
• The Structure Of Анаглифа.
• Management of flowers.
• Increased accuracy in Анаглифе (programmable function of the filter).
• Converter Structure, bi-directional conversion:
• The creation of a dynamic pseudo stereo, using the normal image.
• Creation of optical dynamic illusion ("Optical illusion Ectoplasm" and the illusion of stereo, "Optical illusion Stereo").
• New algorithm for the "Vehicle, a three-dimensional (in function of Cinema, two-dimensional to three-dimensional)
• New algorithm for the "Vehicle, the three-dimensional" (in the function of Direct function Анаглифа)
• Removing the Layers (function choice)
• Creation of оживляемого GIF (Animated feature GIF)
• Three-dimensional control of the objects (the three-dimensional function Objects)
• Video/audio/screen Capture (Capture function)
• Correction of Chromatic aberration (Color function).

Gug Soft 3D Gugle Pro X v 7.4 consists of several so-called "laboratories", each of which is designed to perform certain functions.

Image 3D Labs
• Stereo Pairs LAB
To work with stereo pairs of images
• Anaglyph programmable filter
To create endless combinations Anaglyph color anaglyph
• Deghost by Colours LAB
Laboratory of rapid Deghost method of color
• Deghost by Contrast LAB
Laboratory of rapid Deghost method of contrast
• Deghost by Histogram LAB
Laboratory of rapid Deghost method of histogram
• Stereo Analysis LAB
To check the quality of the stereo the images will automatically create the intermediate frames and dynamic effects interpolation method
• Stereoscopic Frame LAB
The creation and application of 3D Gugle deghosting frame
• Anaglyph Frame LAB
The creation and application of personnel specially designed for the "OUT" анаглифа
• Anaglyph to Stereo Pairs
The direct conversion of анаглифа for stereo pairs
• Optical Stereo illusion
To easily create optical illusions stereo
• Optical illusion Ectoplasm
To easily create dynamic stereo optical illusion
• Left/Right equality LAB
In order to balance the brightness between the "side by side" image
• Luminance LAB
In order to control the overall color / set colors for print anaglyph
• RGB channels Control
To split the image into its RGB components channels
• Add Colour Control
To add a color for the correction of анаглифов with a low color saturation

Image 2D To 3D Labs
• Direct Anaglyph LAB
To convert a photo or sketch in anaglyph
• Direct Stereo Pairs LAB
To convert a photo or sketch in a stereo pair
• Direct Layers LAB
To extract and control of layers
• Direct Depth Map LAB
For creation and management of Depth Map
• Fill LAB
The stereoscopic Depth Map, stereograms, stereo drawn, animation, etc.
• Selection LAB
To remove the layers with the help of automation
• Direct 3D Objects
To work with 3D models and images
• Stereo image from 2D movie
To automatically create a stereo image of the normal 2D-the film method of Synchronism
• Algorithms to Layers LAB
To automatically create a new intermediate frames with the help of many algorithms of transformation
• Layers Assembly LAB
To collect and manage layers to create animations and effects линзовидных
• 3D stereo free deformation LAB
To create a free-form virtual depth or to make a stereo deformation

Image 3D management Labs
• Synchro Windows and Synchro Half Windows
An important resource for the work with stereo images
• CMYK print preview
To present a preview of the color print
• Image Layers Preparation Function
The normalization of the image before removing layers
• Anaglyph Colours Shift selection
To select the preferred combination of colors to create анаглифа
• Swap Side-by-Side
To switch left / right stereo image Side-by-Side

Image Special functions Lab
• Paint Lab
For retouching and cloning region
• Combine Lab
The sum of the two images
• Frame Shop Lab
Normal or stereo image in the frame
• Write Lab
To record the image and create layers with text
• Pattern and Texture Lab
Endless patterns, and textures

Photographic lens aberrations correction Lab
• Sphere LAB
To correct the spherical, the trunk, the cylinder and the other distortion
• Perspective LAB
To correct the error prospects of using two methods: Normal and Linear
• Free LAB
To selectively correct any errors
• Chromatic aberration correction LAB
To correct the many errors lens chromatic aberration

Image Reconstruction Labs
• Physical Lab
Reconstruction of the image
• Reconstruction by colours LAB
Reconstruction of the image
• Reconstruction by contrast LAB
Reconstruction of the image
• Emboss Depth Emphasise LAB
To add body and form анаглифа

Image Transform Labs
• Resize Lab
To change the size of the image and layers
• Rotate Lab
To rotate or flip the image and layers

Image Graphics functions
• Brightness Control
Setting the brightness of the RGB components
• Contrast Control
Adjusts the contrast of the RGB components
• Saturation Control
Adjusting the saturation of RGB components
• Gamma Control
Gamma setting RGB components
• Gray Scale Control
Convert color images to grayscale 24 bit
• Sharpen Control
The clarity of the image with the help of algorithms of 3D Gugle
• DayLight Control
Simulates a point source of light
• NightTime Control
Снижакт brightness, but keeps the lights
• Luminance Lab
Adjust the brightness or chrominances images
• Blur Lab
Blur or X-Y, using the de-interlacing algorithm 3D Gugle

Image Artistic Labs
• Coloured Pencil
To turn a photo into a color picture
• Pen
LAB, to turn a photo into a mono or bi-color sketch
• Water colour
To turn a photo into a paint color of water
• Abstract
To turn the photo in the "Abstract" style
• Predominance
Save or delete освещгние image
• Quantisation
Special visual effects reduction of flowers
• Cartoon Lab
For conversion of images into a cartoon
• Colour-bits-Toggler Lab
To set individual bits of color values
• Programmable Filter Lab
To create your own graphics functions
• Rank Filter Lab
Replace the pixels min, max or the Central area
• Colours Control LAB
Renewal of color or its RGB-component with the mouse
• Random Jitter and Pixelate Controls
Accidental changing of the pixels and the replacement of blocks of pixels of the same-colored blocks
• Hatch Lab
56 point/line models with transparencys

Image Edge Detection Lab
• Edge Area
• Edge Sharpen
• Edge Xor
• Edge Colours
• Sobel Edge
• Edge Prewitt
• Edge Kirsh
• Edge Homogeneity
• Edge Difference
• Edge Enhance

Image Emboss Labs
• Emboss Depth Map
For the automatic conversion a simple object or text in depth map
• Emboss Grid
Standard stamping with a view to the office of the light

Image Canvas Labs
• New Canvas
A new blank canvas filled with the background color of your choice
• Resize The Canvas
Increase the size of the canvas open images and fill the background color of your choice

Image Info Lab
• Image Info
The size in bytes, the date of creation/ editing, print size
• Count unique colours function
The number of unique colors in an open image
• Entropy calculation function
A unique digital signature to the image, which can be used for copyright protection
• Memory LAB
Histogram display in RGB, the memory of red and blue color values of a color image

Image Jpeg and Wdp
• Jpeg and WDP Analysis Labs
To properly save the image with JPEG and WDP formats

Movie 3D Labs
• 3D Frames from Left-right frames
AVI editor (Moviola), to collect the left and right frames in анаглифы or stereo side by side

Movie 2D to 3D Lab
• 2D to 3D movie conversion
To convert a normal movie in stereo pairs or anaglyph

Movie 3D Lab management
• Anaglyph frames deghost
Tool for fast Deghost a series of pictures

Movie Management Labs
• Frames from AVI
AVI editor (Moviola) for the extraction of frames, audio clips from movies AVI
• AVI from Frames
AVI editor (Moviola) to create an AVI movie of personnel
• Graphic operation on frames
Contrast, brightness, daylight, halftones, gamma, sharpness, add color, saturation or deghost on a single image or a group of frames
In the same LAB, you have two options for the newly converted movie in Cartoona - translation of normal film in "Cartoon"
• Frames Utility
To change the size, cut, paste the logo/text, insert images
• Save/Batch Resize LAB
Batch resize a folder of images, using none, bilinear or high-quality бикубическую interpolation, преобразовние a series of images in BMP personnel, which can be used in the film LAB, except for the series of frames in reverse order to continuously continuous-cycling. Encryption/decryption of files of images, etc.
• Frame Converter
Bi-directional conversion: 3D Gugle frames <> Frames external editors video
• Movies Utility
AVI functions pinched off, attach clips, change or add sound, etc. ..

Movie Special Labs
• Security Media Player
The high speed and the quality of play movies with 'software-only' method, which does not jeopardize the privacy and security
• Capture Video/Audio
Capture movies from the web and seizure activity with screen
• Animated GIF
To create or edit animated GIF
• USB and Web Cam LAB
Preview stereo or анаглифа with your camera or USB device

Management Box (Rubber band)
• Alpha Blending
Change the transparency of a selected area
• Zoom
Increase/decrease in proportion to and freely
• Parallelogram transformation
To rotate, deform, turn with a mouse
• Rotate
Correction of motor and precise rotation (of 0.25 degrees) by means of the dialogue
• Flip
Turn the box in X, Y and X-Y
• Transparencies
Do black, white, red, green .... or any color in the selected area is transparent
• Math operations (Or, And, Xor, Negative, Grayscale)
For visual effects and image analysis
• Copy, Copy without background
Copy a selection to the clipboard
• Crop, Crop without background
Deleting images from the selected area
• Clear bottom
Draw a rectangle, filled with the color of the background
Selection by Points
• To extract the Layers By using the Points method
Selection LAB
• To extract the Layers using automation

Management File, Clipboard, Memory
• Open Save configurable Dialogue
Most recently used directory "remembered", and you can change the style of the "tree" directory. Information and image preview will be displayed.
• Open The Add
Add any number of images to open an image
• Open The Add Layer
Add layers of the base image. This function is used to create animations and effects линзовидных
• Save area Left and Save Area Right
Keep left and right hand side-by-side images in the form of individual images
• Save imgnail Function
Save the sketch in the format JPG or GIF
• Recent Files
The last nine of the most recently used (MRU) files

What's new in version 7.4:
New functions to converts movies into cartoons
New function to open directly the MPO images
New LAB "Cartoon"
New LAB "Fill" (Depth Maps, stereograms, etc)
New LAB "Movies utility"
New LAB "Anaglyph Frame".
New LAB "Deghost by Colours".
Increased precision in "Anaglyph programmable filter LAB".
New LAB "Frame Converter", bidirectional conversion:
3D Gugle Frames <> Frames by external video editors.
New function in "Stereo Analysis LAB, Creation of dynamic pseudo-stereo using normal images.
New LABs, Creation of optical dynamic illusion, "Optical Ectoplasm illusion" and stereo illusion, "Optical Stereo illusion".
Now algorithm of "Auto 3D" in the LAB of "Movie 2D to 3D"
New algorithm of "Auto 3D" in the LAB of "Direct Anaglyph LAB"
New LAB, the Layers extraction (Selection LAB)
New LAB, Creation of animated GIF (Animated GIF LAB)
New LAB, 3D objects management (3D Objects LAB)
New functions in the selection BOX (BOX)
New LAB, Capture Video/Audio/Screen (Capture LAB)
New LAB, Chromatic aberration correction (Chromatic LAB)

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