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Lumariver Profile Designer 1.0.4
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Lumariver makes specialized software tools for the quality conscious photographer. We are a small group of software development specialists that also have a passionate interest in photography. In Lumariver we combine this and make software that solves challenges we encounter ourself in our own photography. We can truthfully say that our software is made for enthusiasts, by enthusiasts.

Contrary to popular belief, the camera profile rather than the camera sensor is the key factor in how colors appear in our digital photographs. However, due to legacy thinking rooted in the analog days, camera manufacturers and raw converter makers still feed us with "canned looks". As a result colors are unpredictable, tuned to someone else's taste, so when you move between camera models or raw converters your color expression is forced to change with it.

We think that there is a better solution: break free from the canned looks and take control over your own color expression by making your own camera profiles. You get a good stable baseline for your own post-processing, regardless of camera brand or model, regardless of which raw converter you choose to use.

Lumariver Profile Designer is a software that makes profiles for your camera (or scanner), either in DNG Camera Profile (DCP) or ICC format, thus supporting almost all raw converters on the market. Like any profile maker it can be used for reproduction (copying artwork and similar), but it's also specifically designed to make great general-purpose profiles which provide both accurate and attractive colors. Profiles ideal for any subject - portrait, product, documentary, wildlife, landscape, architecture, etc - and serves as a sane realistic baseline for your creative post-processing.

While being the most advanced profile design software on the market it has well-tuned default settings which makes it easy for the casual user to make a profile in only a few button presses.

It's well documented including simple step-by-step guides for the casual user, and advanced tutorials for users that want to drill deeper into the finer details of profile making - a task that is both science and art. Lumariver Profile Designer takes the art aspect seriously and provides the tools needed to actively design your profile.

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Lumariver Profile Designer 1.0.4

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