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Theseus-FE 6.1 (Win, Linux)
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THESEUS-FE offers an implicit Finite Element (FE) steady-state or transient solver for a wide range of heat transfer problems. The user is capable of applying different types of thermal boundary conditions such as: convection, radiation, contact, inner/outer heat sources, etc, and all multi-boundary conditions can be time or temperature dependent and also applied element wise by reading from files.

The high performance radiation solver allows for short-wave radiation with transmission and refraction in elements, and also long-wave radiation with diffusive and multiple reflection. The necessary view-factors are calculated with the most modern algorithms from computer graphics and take into account aspects of shading. To allow for the computation of larger models, adjacent elements can be grouped together as 'patches' which serves to reduce the calculation time and disc space.

Together with the THESEUS-FE features 'Ventilation' and 'Airzones', ventilation systems and air flow regions can be simulated, where by convective coupling of adjacent elements is implicitly solved for. FIALA-FE, an integrated manikin has been developed based on the latest research results in the area of thermo-physiology for the simulation of human thermal responses and thermal comfort predictions. Life-like simulations can be performed taking into account such aspects as blood flow, breathing, evaporation, metabolic responses, sweating, shiver, cardiac output and a complete energy balance between the manikin and its environment.

The thermal manikin FIALA-FE is fully integrated in our solver THESEUS-FE. It is a powerful tool providing thermal comfort indices globally and locally, which then can be used for optimization. The manikin in a vehicle for example can be fully coupled with the surrounding ambiance, whereby convection, radiation and contact with the seat as well as evaporation, breathing and humidity are accounted for simultaneously. The insulation resulting from clothing can be uniquely assigned to each body part.

The THESEUS-FE GUI (graphical user interface) offers the user the capability to read in NASTRAN-format finite element meshes and prescribe all the necessary physical parameters. To minimize the set up time, a material data bank for easy selection is readily accessible through the GUI. For the clothing of the manikin, typical summer and winter ensembles are also available.

All results are condensed to a single output file (public HDF format). With the integrated THESEUS-FE post processor, the results can be viewed, exchanged and printed as curves or contour plots. The results from THESEUS-FE can also be exported or mapped to various formats, and with other commercial or free-ware post processing tools visualized.

Application Areas

THESEUS‑FE is widely-used in the following engineering fields:

Paint Shop

Simulation Software

THESEUS‑FE is a CAE simulation software including modules for simulating

Thermal Problems
Human Thermal Comfort
Automotive Paint-Dryers
Automotive E-Coating
Viscoelasticity of Polymeric Adhesives

Engineering Services

We offer support and engineering services for THESEUS‑FE and some related fields:

Analyses using THESEUS‑FE
Individual software development
Mesh creation
Structural mechanics simulations
Fluid dynamics simulations
Mechanical parameter measuring

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Theseus-FE 6.1 (Win, Linux)

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