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Adobe After Effects CC 2018 by m0nkrus

After Effects CC - the leading application for creating animations and creative compositions that will help to embody the boldest ideas. Develop titles for movies, screensavers and transitions. Fire or cause rain. Revive characters and logos. For After Effects, nothing is impossible. Artists, animators, designers and operators of combined shoots choose After Effects and create an animation design and visual effects for movies, TV shows, videos and the Internet.

Dynamic titles. Whirling words. Twisting inscriptions.
Create animated titles, introductory credits and captions. Start projects from scratch or use the ready-made animation templates available in the application. In After Effects, there are many ways to create moving text, including rotating, flipping and sliding.

Stunning effects. Tremendous results.
Combine video and images to create an image of a UFO flying in the sky, blur logos or create explosions - your possibilities are endless. We offer hundreds of effects to achieve the desired result, including adding fog and changing colors to simulate snowfall.

Creativity in motion.
Liven up anything you like, including logos, shapes and cartoons, using key frames. Add sound to enhance the effect.

Full compatibility.
The After Effects application is fully compatible with other Adobe applications. Edit songs and instantly open them for viewing in Premiere Pro using the Dynamic Link function. Import your work from Photoshop, Illustrator and Audition. Use the Group Projects tool to interact with editors, regardless of their location.

New features of Adobe After Effects CC 2018:

Data driven animation
Animate animated graphics, such as charts and graphs, using imported data. Third-party partners can create data based on their own schemas, and other users can use this data to create animated graphics.
Immersive effects
Add virtual reality effects to 360 / VR video without undesirable distortion of poles and defects along the rear joint. Effects such as Gaussian blur, color gradients, chromatic aberration, noise elimination, digital noise, glare, fractal noise and sharpening are available.
Subtitles and graphics for video with immersive effect
Instant formatting of graphic objects, text, images or video clips for correct display in panoramic video.
VR Comp Editor
Now it is not necessary to work directly with the 360 ​​/ VR footage. In the preview window, you can edit the material in the same perspective as when playing video on the headset or on a smartphone.
Extracting Cubemap
Convert the footage in 360 format to the 3D Cubemap format to track movement, delete objects, add animated graphics, visual effects, and so on.
Creating a VR Environment
Automated creation of necessary compositions and camera positions allows creating 360 / VR development environment for infographics, animated sequences, abstractions, etc.
VR Converter
Convenient switching between editing formats and exporting to various formats, including Fisheye, Cube-Map Facebook 3: 2, Cube-Map Pano 2VR 3: 2, Cube-Map GearVR 6: 1, Equirectangular 16: 9, Cube-Map 4 : 3, Sphere Map and Equirectangular 2: 1.
Rotation of the sphere VR
Edit and rotate the captured video in the 360 ​​format to align the horizon line, viewpoints, and so on.
Projecting the VR sphere onto a plane
View the footage in perspective in much the same way as when you put the headset on (even if it's not there).
Expressions for masks and dots of shapes
Completely new features of animated graphics. Associate masks and dots of shapes with other masks, shapes or layers using expressions. In this case, you do not have to use frame-by-frame animation. Work with one or more points, manipulators and new functions based on data.
Improved 3D conveyor with Cinema 4D Lite R19
Work in 3D right in After Effects with Cinema 4D Lite R19. Use the improved viewing window with enhanced support for OpenGL and Cinema 4D Take System, support for Parallax Shader, Vertex Color and BodyPaint Open GL and the ability to import the formats FBX2017 and Alembic 1.6.
Performance improvements
Processing the graphics processor layer transformations and motion blur.
Assign keyboard shortcuts
Quick visual search and setting of key combinations.
Convenient home screen
A new intuitive initial screen speeds up project creation and transition to editing. On this screen, links to the CC guidance are also available.
Autosave of group projects
Now you will always know when the backup versions of your projects were automatically saved. You can easily return to the previous automatically saved version or create a new group project based on it.
New font menu
Use the font preview function and select the appropriate fonts using filters and search.
Animated graphics templates in Adobe Stock
Sell ​​your animated graphics templates in Adobe Stock or share them with Premiere Pro users who can work with most templates without installing After Effects.
And much more...
Optional: Export animated GIF images to Mac via Adobe Media Encoder, improve MENA and texts in Indian.

List of changes:

The original distribution is reassembled on the basis of an old good installer with the ability to select the components and language of the program interface.
The resulting distribution does not include the installer of the Creative Cloud service, which is installed by the original distributions without fail.
A number of original installer files are replaced with patched (cracked PainteR).
The module Adobe CoreSync Plugin from the category of mandatory for installation is translated into the category of recommended. Now you can not install it.
The distribution kit includes a stub preventing the mandatory installation of a spyware update for Adobe Application Manager up to the version of Update 14.
The installer has been edited to circumvent the conflict of the installed and installed version of Visual C ++ 2015 Redistributable.
In the Crack folder inside the image there is a set of tools and detailed instructions that allow you to register Adobe After Effects CS 2018.
To the installer added a menu similar to the Box-version. It is made in the image and likeness of a similar menu for Photoshop CS4.

Language: English, Spanish, Italian, Chinese (Simplified), Korean, German, Portuguese, Russian , French, Japanese, English with Arabic script support, English with Hebrew support, English (UK), Spanish (Mexico), French (Canada ), French (Morocco).

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