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Windows 7 (x64) League of Legends Edition 2017
ShiChuang 7 (x64) League of Legends Edition 2017

Name From The ISO edited :ShiChuang 7 Ultimate Sp1 x64 En-Us ESD June2017 Pre-Activated
Name Modified:ShiChuang 7 League Of Legends Edition 2017
Converted:Install.wim to Install.esd
Updated:June 2017
Size: 8.940.912.640 byte
CRC-32: 489f34ca
Info Hash:
MD4: d48a0157defdb5e758443fac64d6e848
MD5: 4419f2cf0ef65da5793adf375744c111
SHA-1: 38d63b9299fb432688c4b5b4aa322ed27d62c00f

Apps inside the install.esd
1)Vicual C++ 2005-2017 full
2)Directx 9.0 Already install
3)Winrar 5.40
4)Zip lastversion
Inside The Folder dvd iso apps

1)Bootscreen i didn't put silent you can choose!!!
2)ShiChuang Loader v2.2.2 same you choose!!

I think go too next level of preinstall apps etc so i think why not put one game inside
Special Game Full installed / Updated League Of Legends in EU Nordic And East English Language the bad is i don't play so i don't know if take long too change server or something like but i hope you like it!!!
New stuffs added list

1) skinpack League Of Legends
2)small icons in start menu
3)right click CMD + Color Blue
4)New Background log in /log off
5)services for high perfomance
6)few compoments removed like Tablet compoments/s and others

Fast installation:Yes


Video Resolution:1920x 1080p HD
No Sound:
Time Video 15 Minutes​

Screen Shot
Windows 7 (x64) League of Legends Edition 2017
Windows 7 (x64) League of Legends Edition 2017
Windows 7 (x64) League of Legends Edition 2017

I Hope you like it and Enjoy The Video of installation so you can see The Whole ShiChuang 7 League Of Legends Installation!!!





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