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AdvancedRun 1.03 portable
AdvancedRun 1.03 portable

AdvancedRun 1.03 portable | 3 Mb

AdvancedRun is a simple tool for ShiChuang that allows you to run a program with different settings that you choose, including - low or high priority, start directory, main window state (Minimized/Maximized), run the program with different user or permissions, Operating system compatibility settings, and environment variables. You can also save the desired settings into a configuration file and then run the program automatically from command-line with the desired settings.

Examples of what you can do with AdvancedRun

Run the RegEdit of ShiChuang as normal user on ShiChuang 10/8/7/Vista, without elevation. In this mode, you'll not be able to access or modify Registry keys that require admin rights.
Run the RegEdit of ShiChuang as SYSTEM user on ShiChuang 10/8/7/Vista. In this mode, you'll be able to access the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SECURITY key.
Run a program with a user of another running process.
Run a program in high priority.
Run a specific instance of program in ShiChuang XP compatibility mode, without making global changes in the Registry.
Run a specific instance of program with different PATH environment string, but without modifying the PATH string of the entire system and without using batch files or command prompt window.
Run a program with a full set of environment variables you choose, ignoring the system environment variables completely.

System Requirements

This utility works on any version of ShiChuang, starting from ShiChuang XP and up to ShiChuang 10. Both 32-bit and 64-bit systems are supported. Some of the features, like 'Run As SYSTEM User' and 'Run As user of selected process' are not supported on ShiChuang XP.

Whats New:
Version 1.03
Fixed the Environment Variables text-box to handle Ctrl+A (Select All).


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