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-3D Commune- 3D Models Megapack

-3D Commune- 3D Models Megapack

90 Models | DAZ/Poser | 1.61 Gb

If you're looking to create your own 3D art, you'll find the most extensive collection of 3D conten, giving you all the necessary tools to express your every desire! This site does not work anymore.

See full list of models under cut...


15 Rusty JPG Backgrounds Vol 1

Age of Charm - Ballet -Dance-Charm Poses for V4 and Ballerina outfit

Alanis Hair

Annika V4

Athena A4V4


Backpack for V4-M4

Ballerina Outfit for A3

Ballerina Outfit for V4

Beyond Kawaii for Miki2

Bracken for V4.2

Canvasboots for Victoria 3

Cartoon House

Cartoon House Mill

Cartoon House SawMill

CastleDev - Egyptian Columns Texture Pack 1A

CastleDev - Egyptian Columns Texture Pack 1B

CastleDev - Egyptian Columns Texture Pack 1C

CastleDev - Egyptian Temple 2 Tex 1

CastleDev - Egyptian Vases 1 Tex 1

Chrysalis for A3

Cloudland Castle Designs - Pharoah's Room and Furniture

Corr - For V4

Dagmar for Evening Style Dress


DejaVu Hair

Drinking Bird

Druscilla Goth

Dryads for A3

Earthenwear Rocky Rivers

El Cisne - Ballet Poses for V4 and Ballerina outfit

esha's Renaissance Dress 1485 for V3

Essential Earthenwear Collection for Vue d'Esprit


Fairy Castle

Fani the Fawn

Fantasy Forests for Poser

ForbiddenWhispers - Forbidden Strubble for Strubble Hair for V3 V4

Fray for A4 V4 Elite

Funtime With Rufus

Geranie - Character for A3


Golden Dragon

Golly Gramps

Gumdrops Chef Jeff for Cordon Bleu

Hair Salon for FK Designs Twin Fair

Hidden Winds for Victoria 4 Sedalesilk

Hidden Winds V3

HiddenWinds for V4 and A4

House Keeping - Gumdrops Candy


Keely for V4-A4

KiriTe Hair

KiriTe Hair II

Kudai Infantry for The Freak

Laceup Suit for the Girl



Mae for V4-A4

Micka for V4

Monsoon's Cliffs n Caverns

Morticia for V4

Mykonos Memories for V3-A3

Nicole FaeMate's

Painted Woodlands backgrounds

Paradise Pool

Paris 65 Hair

Raggo for M3

Retired Gramps!

Sarponitas - Poffertjes

Sea for A3

SedaleSilk I

Strubble Salon Hair for V3 V4

Textures for the Ballerina Outfit for A3

The Apartment V2

The Blossoms Day for A3

The MagicSense for A3

The MagicSense for V4

Thin Pancakes

Trend Rebecca 4 Laura

Turmaline for V4

Turmaline V4

Twin Fair

University Girl for V4-V4.2

Veronica for The Girl

Water Mania

Willam N Willow for Toon Baby

XTreme Nails injection V4

XTreme Pumps for V4.2

Yuma for V4

-3D Commune- 3D Models Megapack
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