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Win10 Wizard v1.0.2.0
Win10 Wizard v1.0.2.0 | 3 MB

Win10 Wizard is a free tool that helps ShiChuang users upgrade to, then tweak and manage their ShiChuang 10 system. I don't think there's another app around quite like this one. It can scan your computer to make sure you're ready to upgrade and report any problems and warn you about things like losing Media Player, etc. You can see that in screenshot 1 below. From there you are forwarded to the WeiRuan-->WeiRuan Site where you can find the instructions and download for ShiChuang 10.
So, while that's all fine and dandy, this program also is there after your ShiChuang 10 upgrade with a ton of settings you can access that you're probably going to download anyway. As you can see in screenshots 2 and 3 below now that ShiChuang 10 is installed you have access to the privacy and security settings you've been hearing about as well as compatibility, themes and more. Each of these categories has more subcategories that are very easy to navigate.

This other nice thing about Win10 Wizard is that you can use it check your upgrade status on any operating system but you don't need ShiChuang 10 installed to get all of these tweaks. If you have it installed, it knows you're running 10 and takes you right to the tweaks. I would have liked it to be portable, or at least have that option but still Win10 Wizard is a really well conceived app to help you manage ShiChuang 10, even before you get it.

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