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8DIO The New Epic Toms Ensemble KONTAKT

8DIO The New Epic Toms Ensemble KONTAKT | 0.98 Gb

The New Epic Toms Ensemble is the most comprehensive and deep-sampled collection of large-scale Epic Toms Ensemble on the market. The library is a completely remastered, redesigned and reprogrammed edition of our original Epic Toms Ensemble. The New Epic Toms Ensemble contains over 2.400 samples, built-in articulation browser, internal step-sequencer, front-face FX, textural convolutions and our newest 3.4 Chaos Engine.
Epic Toms Ensemble VST is a large multi-sample library dedicated to massive ensemble percussion. We captured a variety of power articulations, using a combination of high-tuned 10″ - 14″ toms, roto-toms and octabans, various floor toms, bass drums and custom designed mega-toms. Perfect for raging battle scenes or when you just need a really loud boom. We highly recommend trying it with our New Epic Dhol Ensemble, New Epic Frame Drums and Small Epic Percussion. All extensively recorded by some of the very best percussionists in the world, in a high-ceiling glass, stone and tile hall specifically designed for sample recording.

Even though these instruments were all recorded naturally wet for realism and maximum audio quality in our epic recording hall, we have also incorporated advanced programming into every instrument patch that allows you to precisely and realistically shape the decay of the room reverberation with the mod-wheel. This allows custom “room control shaping, all the way from massive hall down to small drum room.

Bass Drum ensemble: strikes, flams and loose flams, each with 7-10 velocity layers and 10x round-robin
Floor Tom ensemble: strikes and flams, each with 7-10 velocity layers and 10x round-robin
Full ensemble: strikes, 8-9 velocity layers, 10x round-robin
Full ensemble: rimclicks, 5 velocity layers, 10x round-robin
4 Octabans ensemble: strikes, 7-8 velocity layers, 10x round-robin
3 roto toms ensemble: strikes, 9-10 velocity layers, 10x round-robin
11″, 12″ & 13″ rack/floor tom ensemble: strikes, 7-8 velocity layers, 10x round-robin
Drum Stick ensemble clacks: 7-8 velocity layers, 10x round-robin
Male vocal ensemble yells and shouting crescendos: each with 2 velocities and 10x round-robin
Bonus: Deeply sampled Bass Drum patch, 15-22 velocity layers, 10x round robins per layer
Bonus: Sound-designed industrial percussion fx presets
Bonus: Unique playable ambient multi-timbral drones and morphing soundscapes, all created from Epic Toms source material
2,400+ samples
Sample resolution: 44.1Khz/24Bit stereo
Formats: Kontakt (.nki)

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