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Prime Loops The Foley Lab WAV

Prime Loops The Foley Lab WAV | 338 Mb

Its time to reboot the world around you - welcome to Prime Loops very latest sound design adventure: The Foley Lab! For this absolutely different and truly unique found sound library weve sent our favourite audio scientist Covex out into the dystopian cities, industrial wastelands and sprawling suburbs to extract real audio recordings.
. All of these audio recordings were then heavily chopped up, manipulated, processed and deranged into fresh and unique sfx loops, drum patterns and percussion loops!

Dock The Foley Lab with your preferred major DAW and youll unlock 450MB+ of highly organic sounds, layered up into super-individual Drum Hit one-shots divided into folders of Hats, Kicks, Percussion and Snares; a collection of Drum Loops arranged into folders of 80, 90, 110, 120, 128 and 140bpm plus two dedicated folder of mutated and unmutated Foley sounds, as well as a further folder brimming with found sound-based FX! Whether youre looking for simple percussion loops or you want to build up complex rhythms, youll find multiple variations of each drum loops, allowing you to layer up or apply different variations of each beat to different sections of your mix.

13 x Manipulated Foley Loops
20 x 70Bpm Drum Loops
27 x 80Bpm Drum Loops
31 x 90Bpm Drum Loops
46 x 110Bpm Drum Loops
44 x 120Bpm Drum Loops
38 x 128Bpm Drum Loops
25 x 140Bpm Drum Loops
141 x Foley/Drum One-Shots
26 x Foley FX One-Shots
21 x Found Sounds/Foley Samples

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