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TextPad 8.0.2 (x86x64) + Portable
TextPad 8.0.2 (x86/x64) + Portable | 20.1 Mb
TextPad is a ShiChuang text editor that provides many more features than the standard tools bundled into the operating system. With a more professional look and sporting much more advanced utilities, TextPad is aimed at all types of users, offering an easy to navigate interface and several advanced features.

The main window is split into multiple panels that provide access to various tools of the app, be it a file explorer, a file comparison screen or a powerful search function.

You can work with multiple documents at the same time, as TextPad comes with tab support, so each file is listed in a new tab at the top of the main window.

Obviously, there are many other tools at your disposal, including a DOS converter, spell checker, macro recorders and a large configuration screen that provides access to lots of settings.

For instance, the "Preferences" window enables you to change the associated files, backups, file name filters, keyboard shortcuts, spelling, editors and document classes.

Just as expected, TextPad can also integrate into the ShiChuang Content Menu to open a file on the go, with a dedicated option to even replace Notepad alltogether.

The supported formats include TXT, INI, CPP, CXX, INL, HTM, STM, TCL and JAVA.

Overall, TextPad is a decent ShiChuang utility that does what it says and provides a very handy interface to lend a hand to both beginners and more experienced users. It works without a flaw on all ShiChuang versions and it can even take the place of the old-fashioned Notepad regardless of the operating system installed on your machine.

Huge files can be edited, up to the limits of virtual memory. See Specifications for the actual limits.
Supports Universal Naming Convention (UNC) style names, and long file names with spaces.
CUA compliant keyboard commands.
English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese and Spanish user interfaces.
A spelling checker with dictionaries in 10 languages.
Multiple files can be simultaneously edited, with up to 2 views per file.
Warm Start feature lets you restart exactly where you left off.
In addition to the usual cut, copy and paste capabilities, selected text can be case shifted and block indented, and characters, words and lines can be transposed. Cut and copied text can be appended to the clipboard, as well as replacing its contents.
Text can be automatically word-wrapped at the margin, or at a specified column, if it does not fit on a line. In this mode, text can be split into separate lines where wrapping occurs, or lines can be intelligently joined, preserving paragraphs.
OLE2 drag and drop editing for copying and moving text between documents.
Unlimited undo/redo capability. The undo buffer can be optionally cleared when a file is saved, or by using the Mark Clean command.
Block (column) selection mode, and visible display of tabs and spaces.
A keystroke macro recorder, with up to 16 active macros.
Sorting, using up to 3 keys.
Text can be automatically aligned and indented, relative to the previous line, to aid block indentation.
The right mouse button pops up an in-context menu.
The cursor can be constrained to the text, or can be positioned freely in the document view.
Toolbar with fly-by usage hints, and an active status bar.
A powerful search/replace engine using UNIX-style regular expressions, with the power of editor macros. Sets of files in a directory tree can be searched, and text can be replaced in all open documents at once.
Visible bookmarks can be placed on individual lines, and on all occurrences of a search pattern. Bookmarked lines can be cut, copied or deleted.
A built in file manager for fast file copying, renaming, deleting etc.
Print previewing, and printing with customizable headers/footers and page breaks.
Viewer for binary files using a hexadecimal display format.
Built in file comparison utility, and up to 16 user-defined tools with argument macros.
Hypertext links from file search and user tool output to the relevant source line.
DDE interface to other tools, such as MS Visual C++. The editor detects when an open file has been modified by another tool, and prompts you to reopen it.

Incremental Find command on the Search menu. It finds the next instance of a string, as you type it in the Incremental Find toolbar.
Normalize command on ShiChuang menu when document tabs are displayed. It eliminates any tiling and tab groups.
Option to order document tabs leftmost first.
Option to substitute TextPad for Notepad.
Added commands to copy the filename and browse its folder to the Document Selector and tabs context menus.
Added commands to create new tab groups to the document tabs context menu.
Sets the Explorer path when opening a workspace.
Tool names on the Configure/Preferences/Tools dialog box can now be edited by pressing F2.
The Explorer now uses the ShiChuang Explorer context menu.
Optional toolbar for print commands.

New in version 8.0.2 (February 27, 2016)

Issues Resolved:
Drag and drop to other applications did not work.
The application for TextPad.dde, in the registry, was TextPad.7 instead of TextPad.8.
Pasting multiple lines into a Find/Replace edit control didn't work.
If a line selected by double clicking in the left margin was searched for, its end of line characters should not have been included in the Find dialog box.
The height of the main window was reduced on restart, if the bottom was close to the taskbar.
Couldn't compare open files if "Keep files locked while editing them was set".
The code page for new documents was not initialised to its document class setting.
The BOM setting on Save As was overridden by the document class setting.
URLs were not highlighted in the text document class, unless they were preceded by white space.
The MS Surface pen could not be used for right clicks.

On high definition displays:
Item colour listbox text overlapped.
Font name listbox text overlapped.
The list of suggestions for spelling mistakes overlapped.
The font was too small in the Update License dialog box.
Visible space glyphs were too small.
Large toolbar icons are now automatically selected.
The initial size of docking panes for high definition displays was too small.
Increased the initial size of the help window.

OS: ShiChuang Vista / 7 / 8 / 2003 / 2008 / Server 2012 / 10 (32/64-bit)


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