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Synth Magic PE-3000 v2 KONTAKT

Synth Magic PE-3000 v2 KONTAKT | 1.85 Gb

The sound from the PE2000 and this PE3000 Kontakt instrument reminds me of Clockwork Orange soundtrack/Wendy Carlos/ Jarre, Vangelis etc. PE3000 can create beautiful ethereal choirs, haunting strings, lush analogue pads, sfx, drifting arpeggios and lots more.
Adding the sound of this instrument to productions can add a special ethereal, dreamy quality to them. A recreation of the 70's Korg PE-2000 analogue synth. All of the preset tones from this rare synth have been sampled twice : One set of samples have been sampled pure and the 2nd set have been sampled through a vintage valve pre-amp. Each set of samples can easily be selected by a two way selector switch on the main user interface.

Easily create the rich, vibrant analogue tones from this classic synth and then go way beyond what the original can do by using all the extra features that have been added. To allow for greater sound creation there have been quite a few extra features added that are not found on the real machine. The extra features include filter cutoff and resonance, filter envelope, chord generators, arpeggiator, vibrato, tremolo, aftertouch to cutoff and tremolo, plus a whole range of effects including convolution reverbs.







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