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Zero-G Formation Formant Sound Creator KONTAKT

Zero-G Formation Formant Sound Creator KONTAKT | 2.28 Gb

FORMATION is a unique Kontakt instrument packed with over 250 amazing nki patches which include pads, atmospheres, synths and sfx with custom GUI controls and a state-of-art fully equipped arpeggiator. It comes with a 2.5Gb library of 24bit samples.
Added to this you can apply 4 different effects to the combined sound, and these four slots can contain any of a huge range of effects including filters, EQs, Chorus, Flanger, Convolution Reverbs and distortions. Next is the ability to send different amounts of each individual sound to 4 different Send effects and again you select from a range of different effects in each case. This adds yet more creative options to your final sound. There is also a huge amount of modulation options and the ability to add gating effects too.

Product Details:
Over 250 unique Kontakt nki files
GUI With Easy Controls & Fully Automated Midi Controllers
2.5Gb of 24bit compressed Kontakt .ncw format Samples
Eight Fully Equipped Fx Sends
Two Channels per instrument.
Formant Controls for channel 2
Unison Mode
Amp and Pitch LFOs
Envelope and Gate Controls
Amazing Modulation Options
Eight Note Arpeggiator with ability to control multiple Functions

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