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PluginGuru MegaMagic Bells/Winds KONTAKT

PluginGuru MegaMagic Bells/Winds KONTAKT | 347 Mb

After the great success of MegaMagic Dreams and MegaMagic Pads, I wanted to think a little bigger and make sure the library was more flexible - I really loved how the guitars turned out in MegaMagic Dreams, so I produces a sampling session with a dear friend and excellent guitar player named Erick Hailstone (you will know more about Erick after the NEXT library comes out).
We did 4 hours of him playing single boring notes with a BUNCH of different guitars - I wanted more variety and more notes so I could use Multi-Mode to make them a little more realistic sounding. At the end of the session, I pulled out my box of bell and wind instruments that I had built up to record (see the photo below) and for about 15 min, I picked up and played each of my handbells, finger cymbals, 3-bar Bells, Flutes, Pan Flutes and even my EchoHarp harmonica that I’ve owned since I was probably 8 years old! That 15 min of recording time turned out to be AMAZING. I was shocked how nicely everything played - even the flutes (which I am not an expert at playing!)

After chopping up all of the guitar performances PLUS these bell and wind samples, I had over 400 unique and really interesting sounds and realized I couldn’t easily put all of this in a single library - it would be too big. 195 Patches with the awesome interface used for MegaMacho Drums and MegaMagic Dreams! Now comes with 45 Bonus Patches by John Lehmkuhl (originally came with 14).

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