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Foxit Reader 5.3.1 Build 0606 Final
Foxit Reader 5.3.1 Build 0606 Final | 14 MB

FoxIt Reader Professional - a program to read and print documents in PDF, an alternative to all the known program Adobe Reader. A special feature is the relatively small size distribution and fast speed, which will undoubtedly affect the usability of the program as a whole. This utility does not require long-term installation. Presented product is not picky about the hardware and software computer and can work with virtually all versions of operating systems from Microsoft. The program possesses all necessary functions for a full view PDF files.

The fifth version of the updated interface, adds the ability to preview PDF-attachments in Microsoft Outlook. A new option is the optimal scaling of content allows you to show a document stretching it to the full width of the screen. The latest version can also use the new view, in which the contents of the document is divided into two or four blocks - for comfortable viewing.

If you are tired of what to download PDF-files takes a few minutes and documents with graphics browsed through too slowly, look at the alternative Adobe Reader, the program Foxit Reader. This program has a very small size distribution, and it excludes all those unnecessary for most users the options that make this program from Adobe, slow and clumsy. All the main features preserved: paging file, a quick transition to the desired page, print the documents. Foxit Reader pleasantly surprised by a simple and friendly interface. The program requires no installation, not demanding software and system configuration and can work with virtually all versions of Windows.

"Select and copy the contents of PDF files to text
"Search the text of the document
"Convenient library for searching and managing PDF files
"Fast speed printing documents
"Support for javascript
"Support for various plug-ins
"And many other features

"A small file size for installation
"When you start the program immediately begins to work without loading the company logo, author names, etc.
"Can add to an existing PDF document, graphic symbols, selected text, printed text and make notes, and then print or save a document with these annotations
"The ability to convert PDF files to plain text file
"Never connect to the Internet without permission

New features:
"The attractive design of the interface
"Attachment control panel attached files in the document
"The new panel of thumbnails of document pages
"The new instrument panel layers to control the display of certain content in the document
"Support for metric units
"Auto-scrolling by pressing the middle mouse button
"Support in Firefox

Changes in Foxit Reader 5.3

- Tool "The Hand" when pointing to the text changes to the selection tool.
- Mode 玊ile?(玊ile") for the printing of large documents on a few sheets of paper, smaller size, with automatic partitioning or manual scaling.
- A button to quickly switch between the classic and the ribbon interface.
- Three modes of auto: automatic installation of patches to automatically download the user's query (the default), without checking for updates.
- A more accurate indication of the selected text.
- Progress bar when opening a PDF in your browser.
- Reading aloud to the current page.
- Preservation of the toolbar when you switch to full screen mode.
- Switching between tabs arrows on either side of them (useful when the tabs than fit on the screen).
- Hot keys to control the settings dialog.
- Support for PDF to RMS-protected and water marks.

Fixed bugs:
- Inability to open the PDF-attachments in Windows XP and Windows 7;
- Scattered elements of the interface at higher screen resolutions;
- A fixed position of the window when scrolling document comments;
- The emptiness on the toolbar when viewing in the browser;
- Non-functional arrow keys in the search results;
- When you type a key combination to perform the appropriate action;
- Limit the image area visible screen.

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