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XStudio 3.0 Stable Fat Client for Windows + Web Server and User Guide
XStudio 3.0 Stable Fat Client for ShiChuang + Web Server and User Guide | 101/169/102 MB

XStudio is a compact graphical test management application that is able to assess your QA/testing project from users, specifications, requirements, test plans, tests, SUTs, test campaigns, test reports, and linkages to defects. The purpose of the program is to assemble all your generation of test plans, build text campaigns, schedule and execute sessions, and carry out test execution on remote agents (using XAgent).
Application settings

As soon as you finish with deploying the program on your computer, the tool reveals the application configuration panel where you can set up a wide range of parameters.

You may define the connection details to the database server and pick the database server type (MySQL, Oracle, SQLServer or MariaDB), send email notifications by configuring the SMTP parameters, connect to any LDAP/Active Directory service, and retrieve real-time information about some resources on the network while tests are carried out.

Furthermore, you can alter several aspects related to the GUI, such as show real-time progress details and computer result comparisons on folder and root nodes), customize the visuals in XStudio, enable the spell checker, alter advanced features (e.g. enter the timeout for keeping the application alive and refresh rate real-time progress details screen), as well as connect to a third-party system (Mantis, Bugzilla, TRAC, JIRA).

Support for several GL launchers

You can use the program through its native client and/or directly from your web browser. Plus, the tool offers support for several open-source GL launchers, including C/C++, Java, C#, Python, Perl, XUnit, VBScript, javascript or any proprietary systems such as QTP, AutoIt, Selenium, VisualStudio, and TestComplete.

Manage campaigns

You can import data (requirements, specifications, tests) from XML, CSV or Excel files, send email notifications for test reports, status changes, defect changes and other options, set up rules for defining text execution ordering, merge several test campaigns, and automatically generate residual test campaigns.

What's more, you can create and execute a test campaign, measure the functional coverage of a test campaign, check out the bug impact, and work with the XAgent for testing campaigns remotely.

Document and report features

XStudio gives you the possibility to export reports to XML, HTML, CSV or DOCX file format, keep track of a history with all test executions, check out campaign coverage/results, view graph of dependencies between tests, track Scrum projects, view real-time status on test campaigns, and track user's calendar/absences and holidays.

Powerful test management program

All in all, XStudio proves to be an advanced program that provides a rich-featured suite of options for helping you manage the complete life-cycle of your products.

* Testplan edition
* Testplan customizable style
* Test report automatic generation
* Test report customizable style
* Metrics analysis/reporting
* 100% versioning
* Test filtering based on attributes
* 100% automated test scheduling/execution
* Test execution on remote computers
* Comprehensive logging/tracing of execution
* Bugs Assignment

New in version 3.0
(July 14, 2016)

* New icons + new splash screen + new login page + new JNLP home page
* Dedicated GUI to easily reorder test cases within a test
* NI TestStand launcher
* Performances: retrieve the launcher list only at start time and cache it to speed up category loading
* Copy session: ability to select if we want to keep a few results from the source session (stage1)
* Ability to pass username + password to XAgent (even in headless mode) so that it can connect to third-party systems based on user preferences if necessary
* Rich-text full screen viewer (non-modal, minimizable, maximizable) on all the rich-text components
* Attachments: auto-extractable zipped html folder support
* Launcher SDK: ability for any launcher (manual or automated) to insert some rich-text messages including some images
* REST API progress:
- Almost all requirement methods implemented + session cookie handler
- More robust session handling
- Add getInfo() method (to make it easy to quickly test the server from a browser w/o POST authentication)
* New settings in server preferences + user preferences to customize the height of specific rich-text fields:
- Default Rich Text Height
- Description Rich Text Sut Height
- Description Rich Text Req Height
- Description Rich Text Spec Height
- Description Rich Text Test Height
- Description Rich Text Test case Height
- Description Rich Text Bug Height
- Step-to-reproduce Rich Text Bug Height
* Move the requirement's type and category fields after the risk (to make the description more accessible)
* ShiChuang installer does not verify anymore the installed Java
* Robot_framework_v2 launcher: improved reporting including all generated screenshots and images
* Better css to display tables in rich-text fields and in paper reports
* Better presentation of the figures columns in the Dashboard's tasks panel
* Replaced deprecated addAttachment() call by addTestcaseMessageAttachment() in all the launchers
* Bug-fix:
- Support of ONLY_FULL_GROUP_BY in MySql's sql_mode setting (included by default starting with MySql 5.7.5)
- Missing localization in some charts of the paper reports
- Tree_step_manual launcher: For each test in the tree, display the test cases sorted by index
- Deal with a limitation in Redmine that prevents from fetching more than 100 issues or project at a time
- If a Redmine project has not the "issue tracking" module activated, all modules in XStudio are empty
- Rich-text height customization
- Sand-glass cursor frozen when a configuration is detected as deprecated
- When checking if a former configuration is still ok, do not consider types "string" and "unrestricted_string" different
- Server Settings and user preferences ShiChuang too tall (Submit and Cancel button hidden by the task bar in some ShiChuang/screen configuration)
- Various problems at login with Chinese language
- When selecting an item through a search by name, search by id or by clicking a node in the dashboard the action was not recorded in the page history
- When clicking on a test in the dashboard the test was well selected but the test case list not updated
- On newly created systems using third-party bug-trackers, generating a report on the bug root folder was not possible


OS: ShiChuang All

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